Jesper Von Reedtz: Global Golfer

Jesper von Reedtz (Photo by Jordie Lindley | Courtesy Utah Athletics)

Jesper von Reedtz (Photo by Jordie Lindley | Courtesy Utah Athletics)

By Scott Stephens


The University of Utah golf team has been strengthened for the Spring 2020 season with a new talent from across the Atlantic Ocean. Jesper Von Reedtz came to Utah from Taby, Sweden with high hopes of being an immediate impact on the lineup for tournament play.

Von Reedtz was noticed by head coach Garrett Clegg during the European Boys Championships over the summer, and he was instantly on the radar to bring to Salt Lake City.

The tournament “has 16 countries, in which they bring the top six golfers from each country and they compete in a five-day long tournament, and so Jesper was part of that group from Sweden. He was one of their best six junior golfers and so I watched him there, and then Coach [Chance] Cain watched him later on in August,” Clegg said.

After Clegg watched him play in this tournament over the summer, he talked with Von Reedtz and his father while traveling to Sweden to meet with another recruiting prospect. Von Reedtz visited campus in October, the coaches made him an offer and he accepted a spot on the U’s golf team.

It’s clear that Von Reedtz connected with both the campus and state during his collegiate search. He also visited Texas Tech and Ohio State before coming to the conclusion that Utah was where he wanted to continue growing his game.

“I did a few other visits, but this was the best place of those that I visited. Texas Tech was great, but this was too good,” Von Reedtz said.

Von Reedtz was intrigued by the competition he would face as a Ute, both from other Pac-12 schools and fellow players on his own team. He knew that he would have to work hard to make the lineups to travel, and that his teammates would push him to play his best possible game.

“I am looking forward to the challenge, not just only to compete, but to compete every day to make the team and the lineup to travel. Swedish golf is more practice and practice, while here will be a lot of playing, and you need to play to become a better golfer,” Von Reedtz said.

Clegg said that Von Reedtz’s consistency made him stand out from his teammates. Clegg marveled at Von Reedtz’s ball control around the course and his dependably straight shots, a skill which eludes most recreational golfers.

“Jesper is a very controlled golfer. He is extremely consistent and if you notice, his scores have been consistent as well. He is not super long, but is very consistent on how he hits the ball hits it very straight, very controlled and so he is a really solid, stable player that should be great for our program for his full time here,” Clegg said.

Von Reedtz’s approach to the game seems to confirm Clegg’s analysis. When asked to pick a favorite club, he said, “my driver, because I am usually very straight with it and it is my go to club.”

Von Reedtz has one clear goal in mind for his college career. “I absolutely want to win a collegiate event individually, as well as winning a few tournaments with my teammates,” he said.

Clegg clearly sees many strengths in Von Reedtz’s game. However, to become a more complete player, there is always room for improvement. Clegg said ball striking is Von Reedtz’s biggest strength, “but he can also improve on this by gaining a little bit of length, because he is not the longest hitter … He is working to improve his putting and short game, and as that improves his scores will continue to lower.”

Von Reedtz is looking to be one of the golfers selected to the lineup for the first event of 2020. The Utes will compete at the John A. Burns Intercollegiate in Lihue, Hawaii from Feb. 20-22.


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