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By Gabrielle Klinge, Arts Writer


To Binge or Not to Binge? 

Jordan Lee Dooley’s “The SHE Podcast” is a personal development podcast aimed towards women of all ages, backgrounds and histories. It first aired on Oct. 17, 2018 and is still going strong with new episodes coming out every few days. Along with hosting this podcast, Dooley is a Christian author, entrepreneur and social media influencer. Dooley, who amiably refers to herself as “J” to her listeners, not only provides great insight for the highs and lows that the average woman might find herself in but responds to the common, mundane experiences they may face as well.

An appealing trademark of the podcast is how personal and intimate it is. Dooley stated in the overview of the podcast that “every episode is like sitting down with a good friend who’s coaching you through life.” This easygoing nature of the podcast is implemented through the firsthand experiences that Dooley shares. For example, in the episode “How to Prioritize Discipline and Excellence in a Fast-Paced World,” Dooley discusses an unfortunate encounter that she had at a dentist’s office. I felt as if I had gone out on a coffee date with Dooley to hear this story because of how casual and laid-back her tone was throughout the episode. This characteristic is why the podcast is so addicting. 

The variety of topics that Dooley discusses in her podcast is another feature that has hooked me. I could be listening to “Practical Ways To Support Your Passions” on Monday when I am freaking out about what my purpose is, and then I can tune into “What to Do When You Feel Stuck In a Job You Don’t Love” on Tuesday when I am moaning about going to work. The diversity of episodes is so refreshing and so helpful. I can find advice for any experience, fear or relationship that I might experience myself.


Best Episode

Again, I will emphasize the wide array of topics that Dooley touches on in her podcast, which makes it difficult to choose a favorite episode.

However, the episode called “How to Leave a Legacy by Owning Your Everyday — A Powerful Story” really resonated with me. Dooley interviews a mother of a passionate, loving girl who had recently passed away. Throughout the conversation, she explores the idea of truly living every day to the fullest. Even though this might seem like a clichéd topic, the vulnerability and emotion present in the story of this girl’s life are so apparent and impactful. The authenticity that surrounds episodes like this one is why I continue to tune into the “The SHE Podcast.” 


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Trigger Warnings

Dooley explores a plethora of topics, including faith, business and dating advice. However, a central theme that she refers to is Christianity. Even though faith is a prominent aspect of most episodes in “The SHE Podcast,” the topics can still be applicable to people who do not identify with this religion. 


“The SHE Podcast”

5 out of 5 stars

“The SHE Podcast” is available on Spotify, iTunes Podcast App, Google Play and Stitcher.

100 episodes, ranging from 15-75 minutes long.


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