Arts Desk Picks: Top Six Songs For Your Summer Playlist

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Summer is upon us and here at the arts desk we are looking to start you, our dear reader, off in the right direction for the best summer of your whole dang life. What better way to do this than to put together a summer playlist with some absolute non-stop bangers? As we want you to add your own personal flair, we will not be putting the whole playlist together for you. Rather, these picks courtesy of the arts desk are here to get you well on your way to making the most out of the sunniest time of the year.

“Picture of Her (The Boy Mason’s Third Charm)” — IDI ET AMIN

IDI ET AMIN is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of their sound and creating beautiful noise. This track will have you feeling ethereal and invincible as you cruise state street with the windows down on a warm summer evening. 

Self-identifying as “dirtgaze,” IDI ET AMIN’s forthcoming album “CANDY SUCK” will be available on June 24. An album release show will be held at Kilby Court on the same date with support from World’s Worst.

“In the Clouds” — Sunsleeper

Emo is not dead! Or, so I tell myself every morning to justify wearing a band shirt and black skinny jeans for the umpteenth time. Sunsleeper is at the forefront of the emo resurgence. However, they aren’t ones to attach themselves to any genre in particular. Their cover of Mac Miller’s “Come Back To Earth proved that Sunsleeper can be as versatile as ever.

“In The Clouds” is perfect for laying out in the sun waiting for that special someone to text you back. Sunbathing in a life of possibilities and missed connections. Sunsleeper’s new album will be released towards the end of 2022. Get familiar before they become the most rockin’ band to come out of our sleepy city.

Picks by: Alfonso Belloso

“bad decisions” — Bad Omens

“bad decisions” is a surprisingly soft track from the metal band’s latest release “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND.” Electronic instrumentals overlaid with soft, pop-esque melodies from vocalist Noah Sebastian create a simultaneous feeling of power, recklessness and disillusionment that strangely evokes the invincible and carefree attitudes of summertime.

The track doesn’t get too heavy and its darker elements blend together seamlessly. Bad Omens have proven their ability to cross genres and maintain the consistent bite of their style regardless of convention, making them a versatile artist for nearly any summertime activity.

“Bloom” — The Paper Kites

“Bloom” is a soft track from the first EP by former singer-songwriter artists The Paper Kites. This track delivers beautiful romantic nostalgia from before the band’s transition to alternative music with light melodies and upbeat strings. Vocalist Sam Bentley’s breathy singing and the whistling that overlays the guitar create a sense of wonder and peace in the listener.

It’s a summer song that isn’t too concerned with parties or wild adventures. Instead, “Bloom” translates longing and lingering in small moments very well. So well, in fact, that the track has gained popularity on TikTok over montages of meals, the outdoors and other peaceful settings.

Picks by: Whit Fuller

“Jaws” — Lights

Lights is one of my all-time favorite artists. A little over a month ago, she released “PEP,” a total gem of an album. Each of the 13 tracks are worth the listen, but “Jaws” brings a certain gravitas that can not be understated.

The song reps a fairly minimalist synth which accentuates Lights’ smooth vocals. The lyricism is undeniably catchy and the chorus will be running through your mind like a track star. It’s a slower jam, so it’s perfect for those warm summer nights. Roll down those windows and stick your arms into the street lights for added ambiance.

“AMAZING” — Rex Orange County

Our good pal Rex has proven himself a master of making excellent music. His latest album “WHO CARES?” which graced us in March, only solidifies his status.

“AMAZING” is appropriately named and is by far my favorite song from the album. The track begins with soulful strings before a pulsing beat drops in, a perfect mixture of soul and flow. I personally can not get enough of this sweet love song and often listen to it at least twice at a time. “AMAZING” will no doubt become a crown jewel of your summer playlist and you’ll be singing along before you know it.

Picks by: Luke Jackson


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