The Rise of Social Media Poets and Their Fall Collections


Brown Dried Leaf on Book Page (Photo by Marsel Hasanllari | Courtesy Pexels)

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer


When one thinks of fall poems, one might suggest Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” or Anne Carson’s translation of Sappho‘s “If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho.” With self-published collections going viral, an increasing number of digital creators are making a name for themselves with autumnal written works.

The Rise of Indie Fall Poetry

There are fewer ravens or Grecian depictions of loss and love in the highlights of trending fall poetry of the last few years. Authors whose popularity on Instagram and ability to put words onto the page has resulted in several collections that embody autumn not so overtly as Poe, but through association with sadness, love, warmth and the emotions that the changing weather evokes.

Lancali made her name known on TikTok with an audience of 845,000 followers and content about mental health and writing. Her name became synonymous with a collection of poems titled “I Fell In Love With Hope” that was released this summer. The collection’s Dungeons and Dragons-esque “party” theme plays out between kids in a hospital who bond over their various mental and physical health struggles. People online cite the book as relatable for its honest depiction of mental health and institutions geared toward mental health resources. Lancali has become something of a household name for the digitally inclined, but she isn’t the only poet whose moody, fall themes are resonating with people. 

Atticus has made a name for himself with an Instagram page full of black and white photos, rainy days and romance scenes between couples. His poetry adheres to similar themes of love, relationships and loss that complement this aesthetic. The anonymous masked Canadian poet has published three bestselling collections of poetry and released his newest collection “LVOE: Poems, Epigrams & Aphorisms,” at the beginning of this month. It’s not every day that poetry gets celebrated to this degree. For non-traditional writers making the most of modern systems, they face the challenges of being taken seriously and getting their name out in a digital space.

Fall Poems At Your Fingertips

While there is something to be said for self-published collections of poetry made by influencers, that are potentially lacking in quality due to an absence of professional editors or a more traditional publishing framework, it’s undeniable that poetry is becoming more widely accessible and accepted as an art form. 

The simple truth is that anyone can write poetry regardless of format. The poetry that forges connections with the reader and allows them to feel represented and seen on the page is the poetry that’s worth cozying up with as the weather turns cold and the nights get long. Whether it’s a collection of poems written by someone behind a mask, a popular TikTok creator or a traditionally published author whose work has been admired for years, there are poems that can fill the space this season often makes in our lives. 

Grab a cozy collection and let yourself get lost in cold nights, sad moments, friendships forged in spite of challenges and of course the changing of weather and warmth of a familiar embrace. 


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