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It's All A Matter of Art

It’s All A Matter of Art

Asking why the arts matter is not a new question, so attempting to answer the question as college students, writers, artists and musicians is not only crucial, but it is an obligation for any sort of artist...

To Binge or Not to Binge Episode 4: “The Handmaid’s Tale”

By Maraya Rashid November 30, 2017

Welcome to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” where America is now referred to as the Republic of Gilead. Women are considered walking wombs and personal choice is a thing of the past. Unlike many dystopian...

Gloves Come Off with Coco Artist

Gloves Come Off with Coco Artist

By Maraya Rashid November 17, 2017

The University of Utah welcomed Emron Grover to campus on Nov. 3. Grover, a Utah native, has been working for Pixar for 10 years. He has been drawing since he was 2 years old, but he never thought of doing...

Company dancers move aggressively on stage

Ananya Dance Theatre Blends Art and Activism

By Maraya Rashid November 1, 2017

The University of Utah was thrilled to host Minneapolis’s modern Indian-Fusion Dance Company this past week, leading to their performance on the 28th. Ananya Dance Theatre began in 2004, and according...

Choose Your Chocolate Wisely

Choose Your Chocolate Wisely

By Maraya Rashid October 24, 2017

With hectic school, work and social schedules, it can be easy to not think about what goes into the food we eat. Food has more than just a direct impact on our bodies, but it also has an emotional and...

Halloween & Chill

Halloween & Chill

By Maraya Rashid October 23, 2017

As September gives way to October, you may notice an increase in autumn-themed dates showing up on your social media feeds. Salt Lake City has so much to offer for those of us who love fall; the ever-changing...

An Autumn Lover’s Guide to Coffee

An Autumn Lover’s Guide to Coffee

By Maraya Rashid October 12, 2017

It’s safe to say that autumn is finally here. With the cooler temperatures come flannels, pumpkin patches, apple picking and of course, everyone’s favorite drinks to help them stay warm. I decided...

Snowbirds annual Oktoberfest in Salt Lake Utah on Friday,Sept.15, 2017

(Photo by Jose Remes/ Daily Utah Chronicle)

Welcome Fall at Oktoberfest

By Maraya Rashid September 29, 2017

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resortís 45th annual Oktoberfest kicked off this year on Aug. 15, just in time to welcome us back to school and celebrate the incoming autumn season. Oktoberfest dates back to...

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