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“Glow” combines suspense and humor to make a perfect summer read

July 13, 2015

A book that centers around a drug might conjure images of a literary "Project X." However, Ned Beauman’s third novel, Glow, is far from a mindless teenage fantasy party. It’s an exciting thriller that perfectly blends suspense and humor. Glow is about a man in his early 20s named Raf, li...

“Before I Go to Sleep” Thrills While Still Capturing Depth

July 8, 2015

A middle-aged woman wakes each morning in an unfamiliar bed next to an unfamiliar man. That man is her husband, and that bed is the same one she has been sleeping in for the past 20 years. Two decades filled with events, moments, and people she doesn’t remember. This woman, Christine Lucas, ha...

“The Martian” Tells a Thrilling Story of Survival and Humanity

“The Martian” Tells a Thrilling Story of Survival and Humanity

July 1, 2015

Andy Weir is not a writer in the conventional sense of the word. He has never gone to school intending to become a writer, nor has he studied classical literature in any depth. In fact, he has always enjoyed another side of the academic world: science. Working as a software engineer since the age of...

Redemption and Politics Come Together in “Citizen Vince”

June 23, 2015

Everybody wants a fresh start. Vince Camden, born Martin Hagen, is no different. Vince, the protagonist of Jess Walter's Citizen Vince, is a member of a witness protection program. Selling doughnuts by day and stolen credit cards by night, Camden is content to live in the uneventful town of Spokane, Washin...

“I Was Here” Explores Deep Themes with Emotion and Empathy

“I Was Here” Explores Deep Themes with Emotion and Empathy

June 21, 2015

Suicide. The topic can bring to the surface devastating emotions in any circumstances, but digging deep and understanding the reasons why people choose to commit it can nearly break the heart. Gayle Foreman's, I Was Here,CQ portrays the story of a young girl and how her suicide affects those around...

In Cold Blood gives a novel-like look at a true story

June 15, 2015

Truman Capote is a legendary writer, known for classic novels such a Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One of his most memorable books, however, is a true-crime story that reads like a novel. It’s a gruesome account of the brutal murders of a Kansas family. In Cold Blood, is a chilling true story that ...

Girl on the Train overcomes clichés with complexity

June 1, 2015

Routine is what grounds us, what keeps us sane amidst the chaos of our lives. It’s what grounds Rachel Watson, who takes the train every day to and from work even after the loss of her job. Every day she sits in the library, only to take the train home to the flat she shares with a friend from co...

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