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La Turner’s Quarantine Book Recommendations

By Maddy La Turner April 6, 2020

  So: The closest thing to jeans you’ve worn in three weeks is blue sweatpants, and you’ve run out of quarantine snacks twice now. Maybe you’ve already binge-watched “Tiger King,” participated...

(Courtesy Allan Hunter)

‘Genderqueer’ Challenges the Norms of Gender and Identity

By Arielle Gulley, Arts Writer March 7, 2020

  Allan Hunter’s debut book “Genderqueer: A Story from a Different Closet” takes a personal look at the topic of gender and the dilemma that comes from not conforming to gender norms. The...

Theres no such thing as being surrounded by too many comics. (Courtesy Flickr)

Bowé’s Favorite Graphic Novels

By Abigail Bowè, Arts Writer February 19, 2020

  Trigger Warnings: Some of these graphic novels include sexual and violent content, namely "This One Summer," The Sculptor," "Building Stories," "The Tale of One Bad Rat" and "The End of the World."   Like...

(Graphic by Piper Armstrong | Daily Utah Chronicle)

January Arts Desk Favorites

  Palak Jayswal The new year equates to trying new things, right? For me, the first new thing happens to be one of my favorites from this past month. "The Miniature Wife and Other Stories" by Manuel...

Photo Courtesy of @thoughtcatalog via Unsplash

Bildungsroman: The Trauma of Happy Endings

By Alison Myers, Arts Writer December 28, 2019

  Once — and I say "once" in the liberalist, most distancing, self-deceptive sense, like we don’t still live "once" and that "once" won’t come to bite us in the ass — there was an idealist....

(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Farmer | Unsplash)

Jayswal’s Favorite Reads of 2019

By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor December 14, 2019

  Every year I tell myself I’ll go back to reading — that I’ll rediscover the thrill of cruising through a book so good I'll start at dawn and close the cover at dusk. In 2019, I actually...

Recipe for Chaos Cover Art (Courtesy of Zack Matheson)

Chaos in Park City: Zack Matheson Writes From What He Knows

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor December 1, 2019

Among the many artists that proudly call Utah their home, there is an incredibly common theme of how their work is drawn from their environment — and not just physically. Though Utah’s landscape inspires...

Wendy Terriens Rampart Guard series (Courtesy of Wendy Terrien)

Artist of the Week: Wendy Terrien

By Oakley Burt, Arts Editor November 27, 2019

  Wendy Terrien didn’t always know she was going to be a writer or an author. Growing up, she enjoyed writing stories, but never thought to pursue it as a career. The stigma surrounding a less...

(Illustration by Alex Garcia | Daily Utah Chronicle)

October Arts Desk Favorites

Palak Jayswal While summer is my seasonal time to read without the nagging feeling that I could be doing 30 other important tasks, fall and winter are my binge-watching seasons. It's far too easy to...

Meet Salt Lily Magazine

Meet Salt Lily Magazine

By Alison Myers, Arts Writer November 5, 2019

  Tucked away inside the cozy, rain-streaked Coffee Noir grows a bud that doesn’t wait for spring to blossom. Salt Lily Magazine, a pastel pop of floral pictures and prose, just went live online...