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After Everything, the 5th movie in the After series, embraces drama. (Courtesy of Cosmopolitan)

How Wattpad Broke Into The Entertainment Industry

By Josi Hinds, News Editor September 18, 2023

  The list of movies inspired by popular Wattpad stories recently grew with the release of "After Everything," the fifth movie in the "After" series. The "After" series is based on a fanfiction-turned-book...

Bela Lugosi as Dracula (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Dracula: A Cultural Icon That is Still Relevant Today

By Ethan Blume, Arts Writer July 27, 2023

  About three or four years ago, I finally read one of the novels that I thought would become one of, if not my all-time favorite: “Dracula.” I enjoyed it well enough, especially through my...

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Legendarium’s Banned Books Club Highlights Ongoing LGBTQ+ Censorship in Utah

By Zach Anderson, Arts Writer July 17, 2023

  Calling a novel “banned” is a bold claim with many strings attached. Why did this book get banned in the first place? Who were the people that banned it? These questions crossed my mind when...

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Support Your Local SLC Bookstores

By Ethan Blume, Arts Writer July 9, 2023

  I’ve always had an appreciation for books, but my love for bookstores, especially independent ones, came later. I’m lucky to live close enough to one of my favorites, Central Book Exchange,...

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Graphic Novels Should Be Considered Literature

By Ethan Blume, Arts Writer June 21, 2023

  Since getting more into reading, I have discovered there is a lot of stigma surrounding the kind of things I like to read, be it from English professors or scholars. My favorite types of texts...

76th Tony Awards poster

The Biggest Nominees of the 76th Tony Awards

By Haley Freeman, Arts Writer June 9, 2023

  Why talk when you can sing, and why sing when you can dance? Musicals and plays have been an integral part of entertainment inhabiting the theaters along Broadway in Manhattan, New York City,...

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Legendarium: Providing an Inclusive and Queer Alcohol-Free Space

By Arlo Marler April 17, 2023

  Close your eyes and imagine a small house, full of books, coffee, tea and baked goods, greeting you on your long journey. Now open your eyes and head straight to Legendarium, a bookstore in Salt...

Goodreads Choice Awards 2022 (Courtesy Goodreads)

Book Awards: Where Readers and Writers Connect to Thrive

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer April 15, 2023

  Awards season is in full swing with the Oscars concluding earlier in March, but there are literary counterparts to these star-studded accolades to be considered. Book Awards It's likely that...


Author, Comics Writer and Tarot Expert Rachel Pollack Nears the End of Her Life

By Arlo Marler, Arts Writer April 13, 2023

  Many may have not heard of the name Rachel Pollack. I know I hadn’t up until around a week and a half ago. But even discovering her from a post made by Neil Gaiman about her declining health...

Kanye West at the Saint Pablo Tour on Sept. 5, 2016. (Photo via Jamielandis101 | CC BY-SA 4.0)

Arts x Arts: To Love or Not To Love? Separating the Art From the Artist

By Audrey Hall and Eliza Delgado January 2, 2023

  All throughout the world, there are many forms of art celebrated and loved by many. We find pleasure in our favorite songs, paintings, books, films, dance and fashion, but it raises the question...