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(Courtesy Sandra Thorsson)

LÉON’s ‘Apart’ Chronicles Heartbreak and Isolation

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor December 5, 2020

  With her second album reaching Australian and American charts, Swedish singer and songwriter LÉON is poised to influence contemporary music with elements of the past. Her unique style, grounded...

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Former President Barack Obama Releases New Memoir and Playlist

By Paige Gardner , Assistant Arts Editor December 4, 2020

  Former President Barack Obama's new playlist and 768-page, award-winning memoir "A Promised Land" were released earlier this month as the 2020 U.S. election drew to a close. The memoir highlights...

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Miley Cyrus Stuns With ‘Plastic Hearts,’ a Rock Masterpiece

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor December 2, 2020

  After seeing Miley Cyrus cover The Cranberries’ "Zombie" and Blondie’s "Heart of Glass," fans were clamoring to see the artist produce a full rock album, and on Nov. 27 — Cyrus delivered. In...

Matt Starling released Music for Nina on Heart Dance Records on Nov. 20 (Courtesy Matt Starling)

Matt Starling Releases ‘Music for Nina,’ An Ambient And Immersive Escape

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor November 25, 2020

  Creating music isn’t something that Matt Starling just does, even though he has built a life and career in and around it. Instead, music seems to be an integral part of how he understands and...

Henson in London, November 2013. (Photo Courtesy Sophie Harris-Taylor)

Keaton Henson’s ‘Monument’ Is a Love-Letter to Grief and Hope

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer November 23, 2020

  Keaton Henson is an English musician, poet and visual artist whose work is known to provoke intense emotion and feeling. He has released five folk-rock albums, including the popular “Dear”...

Local band Silver Cup releases debut EP (Courtesy Brittany Barnes)

Silver Cup’s Debut EP is a Dreamy Reflection

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer November 17, 2020

  Local band Silver Cup has released their long-awaited, self-titled debut EP. Following the release of five other singles and three music videos, the band has gained substantial popularity —...

(Courtesy Fearless Records)

IDKHOW Releases Debut Album ‘Razzmatazz’

By Zoe Gottlieb, Arts Writer November 15, 2020

  While 2020 has inarguably brought a lot of hardship to the lives of many, it has also allowed certain music groups to tap into their roots, rediscover their identities and bring us fresher music...

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Ariana Grande Reaffirms Her ‘Positions’ as a Vocal Powerhouse and Chart Topper

By Jacqueline Mumford, Managing Editor November 6, 2020

  In 2017, Nicki Minaj told us that “Ariana run pop.” On her sixth studio album, Grande shows that she might be the president of R&B, too. The Lead-Up We’ve seen a long list of “quarantine...

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/VMN19/Getty Images for MTV)

‘Separating the Art from the Artist’ Is Just Another Way to Continue Supporting Abusers

By Jacqueline Mumford, Managing Editor October 28, 2020

  On July 12, 2020, rapper Tory Lanez shot fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion multiple times in her feet. She underwent surgery to remove the bullets, and before even leaving the operating room,...

(Photo by: Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

The Chronicle Playlist: Falling Leaves and Changing Music

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor October 23, 2020

  With the shifting temperatures, the turn to autumn typically brings a shift in my listening habits as well. Whereas in the summer I typically reach for upbeat pop music, in the fall, I find myself...