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Red Butte Garden decor up on Oct. 5, 2021 in advance of Halloween festivities. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Enjoying the Spook-tacular BOOtanical Gardens at Red Butte Gardens

By India Bown, Arts Writer October 29, 2021

  Want to end the Halloween season with a bang? The Bootanical Gardens at Red Butte Gardens bring spooky and festive energy this time of year. With the beautiful scenery of curated flowers and...

(Graphic by Sydney Stam | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Celebrating Halloween During COVID-19: Events and Safety

By Allison Stuart, News Writer October 26, 2021

  Halloween is approaching and with that comes dressing up, parties, treats and spending time with family and friends. Emily Spivak, an infectious disease specialist at University of Utah Health,...

Screenshot from The Skeleton Dance. (Courtesy of Disney+)

Fisher and Fuller’s Fall Recommendations

By Megan Fisher and Whit Fuller October 23, 2021

There's nothing like settling in for a good movie or curling up with a great book to get you into the fall spirit, and no one knows this better than our arts writers. Here, with their scope across the...

When Darkness Falls Across the Land, Odyssey Dance Theatres Thriller is Close at Hand

When ‘Darkness Falls Across the Land,’ Odyssey Dance Theatre’s ‘Thriller’ is Close at Hand

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer October 20, 2021

  As concertgoers enter the theatre at Kingsbury Hall for Odyssey Dance Theatre's “Thriller," they are not be greeted by ushers, but by dancers tricked out as the undead. Dressed in artfully tattered...

(Courtesy Unsplash)

Promoters of Large Utah County Halloween Party are Raising Money to Pay Their Fines

By Porshai Nielsen, Investigative Editor February 21, 2021

  Utah event company The Tribe, who claims “The Protest on Halloween,” was not their doing, has been charged with nine misdemeanors and fined $60,000 for their contribution to a rise in positive...

Holiday Film Reel: Classics for the Season

Holiday Film Reel: Classics for the Season

By Zoe Gottlieb, Arts Writer November 26, 2020

  Now that October has come to a close and businesses are beginning their gradual restocking of Christmas decorations, you may look back on the past month with the yearning to have done more. You...

Courtesy of Chronicle archives.

Halloween Traditions On Hold Amidst Global Pandemic

By Brooke Williams, News Writer October 29, 2020

  With rising COVID-19 cases in Utah and the persistence of the pandemic throughout the country, Halloween may look different this year. Many traditional Halloween festivities are not harmonious...

An outside view of the Nightmare on 13th grounds (photo by Zoe Gottlieb | Daily Utah Chronicle).

Nightmare on 13th Celebrates 30 Years in the Making

By Zoe Gottlieb, Arts Writer October 11, 2020

  Celebrating 30 years in the business, Nightmare on 13th promises this upcoming season to drive terror into the hearts of anyone brave enough to enter through its doors. The haunted attraction’s...

Guests to Witchfest can meet and greet with the Gardner Village witches, including Lucinda the Witch, pictured here. (Courtesy of Gardner Village)

Exploring Historic Gardner Village at the 19th Annual Witchfest

By Abigail Bowé, Arts Writer November 2, 2019

The recipe for a perfect Halloween calls for fried green tomatoes, a dash of alpaca kisses, a hundred spools of colorful yarn and an ounce or two of laughter to taste. The witches of the historic Gardner...

Crocker Science house decorated as Crocker University. (Photo by Natalie Colby | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Officer’s Hollow Transforms Officer’s Circle Dorms in Partnership with the College of Social Work

By Natalie Colby, Editor-in-Chief October 27, 2019

Officer’s Circle was transformed into a Halloween wonderland for the kids of Salt Lake and surrounding neighborhoods on Oct. 26 from 12-3 p.m. They had trick-or-treating, Halloween-themed games, snow...