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Live Q&A Addresses Student Concerns About Fall 2020 Housing, U Plans 2 Weeks of All Online Classes

A model room of the standard dormitory furniture. The old furniture is in the process of being replaced with newer furniture.

July 28, 2020

  On Monday, July 27, Housing and Residential Education at the University of Utah held a live Q&A session to address concerns from those living on campus in Fall 2020. The Q&A began with some introductions from HRE staff and then continued into a planned presentation to cover some...

Joint Resolution 2 Passes Unanimously in the ASUU Assembly After Black Students at the U Share Personal Experiences with Racism on Campus

Demonstrators raise their fists in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in front of the Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 4th 2020. (Mark Draper | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

July 23, 2020

  On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, the Associated Students of the University of Utah general assembly meeting heard Joint Resolution 2 in support of the Black Student Union at the U. After passing in the Senate on July 16, the resolution passed in the unanimously in the assembly. Last week, whe...

Letter to the Editor: Is It Truly Safe To Reopen In-Person Classes This Fall?

(Banner welcoming students living on campus to the University of Utah in Aug. 2014 | Chronicle archives)

By Aarushi Rohaj

July 20, 2020

  On March 11, 2020, the University of Utah announced its closure for the rest of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chaos and questions erupted within every students’ mind. Will classes be online? How will we take exams? How will grades be established? Do I need to move out of my ...

Burton: Students Had Mental Health Problems before COVID-19

(Courtesy of Pixabay)

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer

May 28, 2020

  In addition to the physical threats it poses, the COVID-19 pandemic and the lifestyle changes it has required are having a considerable effect on public mental health. Though efforts to alleviate the impact of the crisis have included emotional support — many college students are struggling mentally and do not know where to go for help. But menta...

Poma: University course evaluations are broken

Zheng Zheng, associate professor of physics and astronomy, covers key concepts for his universe class | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Sasha Poma, Opinion Writer

April 26, 2020

With spring semester coming to a close, every student at the University of Utah will be asked to fill out course evaluations for their classes. But what do these evaluations do? The U claims that the surveys factor into decisions like faculty promotions and may help students choose their instructors. A...

A. Ray Olpin Union Closes Until End of April Due to COVID-19

The A. Ray Olpin University Union will be closed until at least April 20. | Chronicle archives

By Kayleigh Silverstein, News Writer

April 15, 2020

  On April 5, the A. Ray Olpin Student Union at the University of Utah closed after a member of their custodial staff tested positive for COVID-19. “The challenge is people would come in, and even though we would have chairs behind barricades, they would sit in the food court areas or the...

Moran: Even Under Stress, Students Should Slow the Impact of COVID-19

By Serena Moran

March 28, 2020

  The last few weeks have left the world on edge. The coronavirus that was first identified in Wuhan, China has now swept over the globe. People are panicked and scared. As if we needed anything else to worry about, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake and dozens of aftershocks hit Salt Lake County. On top of those stressors, University of Utah students also have the transition of all...


(Illustration by Jonny Faith | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Joseph Moss, News Writer

January 29, 2020

  Students for Action Focused Empowerment is a newly formed student-led group at the University of Utah. Their goal is to “improve the overall perception of safety, the culture related to safety, and raise overall standards of safety.” “It started off just hearing about a lot of the...

LNCO Student Lounge Not For All?

Inside of the LNCO, where most humanities courses at the University of Utah are located. Chronicle archives.

By Joseph Moss, News Writer

November 19, 2019

  On the third floor of the Languages and Communication building, directly across from the English department, is a place labeled “Student Lounge.” It is a space meant for all students — although some feel this space is not meant for them. “Last semester, I found some of the English...

Racist Posters Flood U’s Campus Again

The crowd cheers during the Solidarity Rally against racism at Washington Square Park in Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017 | Chronicle archives.

By Joseph A. Moss

November 8, 2019

Over the weekend of Oct. 31 through Nov. 4, the University of Utah had multiple posters posted around campus with rhetoric that included: “it’s okay to be white” and “Reclaim America.” Although the U has said multiple times that it does not align itself with this rhetoric, groups have consistently posted racist messages on campus. Some of these messages ha...

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