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Faster, deeper, higher, steeper — this is the theme of the Banff’s Radical Reels film tour.

Focusing on dynamic, high adrenaline films featuring sports such as climbing, kayaking, skiing, BASE jumping and mountain biking — Radical Reels shows the more intense, action focused films from the Banff Film Festival in one high-intensity viewing session.

With the mission of “Inspiring Creativity,” Banff Centre is the world’s largest arts and creativity incubator; and Radical Reels is a touring program in collaboration with that original adventure film festival, screened here at the University of Utah two weeks ago.

Radical Reels played at Kingsbury Hall on March 2 with local host and manager of Outdoor Adventures, Rob Jones, introducing the event.

“Radical Reels is a great way to get out and take your mind off of studying for a couple hours, and see the potential and craziness in the world and adventures that people do,” he said.

Radical Reels screened eight films ranging from seven to 26 minutes from all over the world. Each second was filled with amazing outdoor feats.

“Locked In” told the story of four professional kayakers. Set in Papua New Guinea’s Beriman River, these kayakers completed a never-before-attempted expedition, emptying into the Solomon Sea after a harrowing 13 day descent through gorges and class five- and six-whitewater.

“The Fledglings” highlighted Cedar Wright and Matt Segal, long time professional climbers who donned the role of beginners as they undertook the sport of paragliding. After a mere six months, they embarked on an epic adventure flying off of the largest volcano in Mexico.

The story of five Frenchmen in Chamonix, France was featured in “Give Me Five” as the group performed world renowned and unbelievable aerial formations amidst dangerous BASE jumping.

“Sonnie Trotter vs. The Totem Pole” depicted the first continuous, all-free ascent of the Ewbank Route on The Totem Pole in Tasmania. A gripping and intense film for climbers and non-climbers alike.

Riveting ski footage was also on the agenda for the night. “Tight Loose – The Tordrillos Foot-Powered Mission” and “La Liste (Tour Edit)” featured what is known as steep skiing, which entails climbing and skiing massive spines and faces of literal mountains and sheer cliffs in the Alaskan and Swiss Alps.

Epic mountain bike footage was featured in “The Trail to Kazbegi” and “Not2Bad (Tour Edit),”  set in the republics of Georgia and Spain, respectively.

Students enjoyed the adventurous atmosphere and unique films of the evening.

“I look forward to Radical Reels and Banff every year,” said Chelsea Jones, a junior at the U. “It is exhilarating being around so many people who love the outdoors as much as you do and having an opportunity to see and learn about the world through the eyes and adventures of those films.”

“I’ve been to Banff twice and this is my first time to Radical Reels,” said Marianne Newell, also a junior at the U. “This is more core adventure…It inspires me and makes me feel like I just want to get out there and try these things.”

“This was my first time at Radical Reels,” said Kristine Hoggard, a senior. “I love it. It makes me want to be adventurous and try things that are way out of my realm.”

Banff Film Festival and Radical Reels will return to Salt Lake City next year at Kingsbury Hall next spring.

For more information on the Banff Film Festival and Radical Reels, visit: https://www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-festival-radical-reels-tour




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