Utah Utes Women's basketball victory over Carroll College at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday, November 2, 2017. (Photo by Cassandra Palor/ Daily Utah Chronicle)

With Thanksgiving approaching, this is the time of the year when gratitude especially seems to be in full bloom, and for University of Utah student-athletes, that is the case. The Daily Utah Chronicle sports desk spoke to athletes about what they are thankful for, not just during the month of November, but year-round.

“Of course to play at the U and to be able to go to college. For my teammates and my family for always supporting me.”

Carly Trueman, Volleyball, outside hitter

“I am thankful to be here at the University of Utah. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to get an education here, and I am definitely thankful for my family and my friends.”

Kiana Moore , Women’s basketball, guard

“I’m thankful for my team and the bond that we all have, and I’m so thankful for my family, my parents.”

Alexa Van Komen , volleyball, setter

“I am thankful to be able to play basketball, but I am also super thankful to be able to play basketball with the University of Utah and play for coach [Lynne] Roberts and all of the other amazing assistant coaches along with her because they are coaches, but they are also family. They mentormortar me and they will help me throughout life. They want me to be come a better person so they are not just coaches, and I am thankful for that.”

Tori Williams, women’s basketball, guard

“I’m thankful for my dog, Sunny, the French Bulldog.”

Tilar Clark, women’s basketball, guard


“I’m most thankful for my parents.   They put me in the position to play college athletics.  They set me up for success and continue to provide for me and my siblings.  Without them, I don’t know where I would be.”

Megan Jacobs, women’s basketball, guard

“I’m thankful for opportunities. Opportunities to meet incredible people, play the game I love and also to further my education at an incredible university.”

Hailey Skolmoski, soccer, forward 

Brittni Meservy
Brittni Meservy is in her second year with The Daily Utah Chronicle where she began as a sports writer and now serves as the sports editor. She has interned at ABC 4 Utah in the sports department, and she was previously the Editor-in-Chief of The Globe at Salt Lake Community College. Currently, she is a producer and reporter at ESPN 700 radio.


  1. Thankful for having to see this website. Speaking of you being in an intern with ABC 4Ms. Brittany Colin dress. My daughter is in in her 2nd yr. As an intern, for the utes, transferring from UH Manoa she is behind the video camera and have a important responsibility. Ms. Sports editor would it be breaking the rules if at a time where you could lift her spirits, by writing a small encourage to give her the team that she mananages, in the daily chronicle.

  2. Ms. Brittany. Sports editor chief, giving thanks to you for article on the utes giving thanks. In your history you interned at ABC4. My daughter is in the 2nd yr of internship managing the team and studys. it is people like you who can inspire and lift her spirits, when shes at her lowest. Thanks snd aloha a concern, mom, from hawaii.


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