With spring finally here, I think we can all agree that feeling the sun on our faces is going to be refreshing. Although it seems that it has been a short winter this year, the snowy days seemed to reek of gloominess. Statistically, it has been proven that when the days are longer and the sun is out, most people become happier. I have seasonal depression, so when it’s spring I come out of my hibernation and whip out my colorful clothes and a big smile.

There are a lot of things I am excited for this season, from the floral prints to the warm weather, homegrown vegetables and especially the outdoor concerts. Put down your phones, bring out your sunglasses and get ready for a spring full of fun. Here are some ideas on what you and your friends can do and look forward to this spring to make sure you spend as much time outside as possible.

One of my favorite activities to do in the spring is to go to the park and swing. Swings are underrated and with the addition of headphones and your favorite music, swinging is one of the best activities to do in perfect weather. During my freshman year of college my friend and I would go on runs at night to the park. Once we’d caught our breath we’d swing for hours underneath the stars. Not many people think of going to the park anymore on nice days, but the swings can provide some serious fun.

Spring is also the best time to go swimming because it’s not so hot that you want to stay in the pool the entire time, but it is perfect weather to lay out for hours.

My absolute favorite thing to do as the sun comes out more in the spring is to go hiking. I hike almost every day in the summer to get away from the heat, but I adore hiking in the spring due to the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Experiencing nature as it blooms out of winter is something special.

Aside from activities, spring fashion is also great because you can layer and mismatch things as much as you want. Going out for the day and going out at night become less of a hassle than going out in the winter with all those bulky clothes.

Hopefully this spring you can venture out of your comfort zone to bask in the sun and challenge yourself some new and fun activities and styles. Take some friends and go find a cool, undiscovered place and don’t forget to spend time under the stars once your sunscreen wears off.




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