Greek Row

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to Beverly Nelson’s letter. Ms. Nelson attacks the Greek system and says that it does not resemble an honorable society. Many people choose not to look at the different fraternities and sororities and what they stand for. Each has values that they try to emulate and stand by. She also complains about students parking on the residential streets. And while having someone park in front of her driveway is wrong and incredibly inconsiderate, making the hundreds of students park in University parking lots is not fair. There are two University parking lots that are close to Greek row and both are used by Greek members but they do not have enough spots for all of the Greeks going to Monday night meeting. If Greek members, particularly the sorority members, are forced to park in the distant U parking lots and walk back to their cars after dark, the U and Greek row will face rising rape cases and other related problems. Sending roughly 400 girls across an poorly lit campus with the few and far between security posts is just a bad idea. The Greek system trys to work with the neighbors and it appears that in the past there have been some incidents where a few Greek members have been inconsiderate of the neighbors, but is is fair to judge over 600 people on the acts of a few? It’s not. And it is not fair to endanger the safety of hundreds over parking. There are ways to work this out and the Greek community is more than willing to work with the neighbors who have complaints, but when will these neighbors be willing to work with us?

Cara WinegarSophomore, Political ScienceChi Omega