Records thief sentenced to one year in jail

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Shadd Dean Hartman, the man who stole the University Hospital’s billing records last summer, will spend a year in prison.

Hartman and accomplice Thomas Howard Anderson stole a metal box that contained more than 1.5 million billing records for current and past patients of the U Hospital, including Social Security numbers. The hospital had hired a courier to transport the records, and Hartman stole the box from the backseat of the courier’s car.

“He didn’t want the tapes, just the metal box,” said Salt Lake County Deputy District Attorney Matthew Lloyd, the prosecutor.

Hartman and Anderson were charged with theft by receiving stolen property, a second-degree felony, and unlawful possession of another’s identification, a third-degree felony. When Hartman pled guilty to his charges two months ago for a maximum two-year prison sentence, the judge reduced his counts to class A misdemeanors.

However, 3rd District Judge Sheila McCleve sentenced him with only one year on Monday, along with three years probation. If Hartman violates his probation, he will serve the second year. McCleve also fined Hartman $1,000 for his charges, $300 for public attorney costs and $500 in probation fees, according to court documents.

The sentencing might be a blessing in disguise for Hartman, who has a history of methamphetamine abuse, according to police. Lloyd said he hopes the probation, which includes drug testing, will keep Hartman clean and lead to some treatment.

Hartman’s defense attorney, Scott Wilson, did not respond for comment.

Anderson’s status is still up in the air. He has a plea hearing scheduled for Feb. 23.

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