TRAX graffiti unfathomable, unacceptable


I, like Liz Carlston (“Graffiti on TRAX can’t be tolerated,” April 23), am sick of all of the graffiti along the north-south TRAX route. I take TRAX at least three to five days per week and the so-called artwork left by these “contributors to society” makes me sick. Although I’m sure it will be cleaned up shortly, these individuals will leave their mark (much like a dog pees on a tree to leave its scent) within a matter of days.

I still cannot fathom why someone would want to do this? It frustrates me so much that I can’t even construct a logical argument to combat one’s reason for sinking to the level of doing such an act. If they are such “artists,” why not do something constructive with their talent?

Jonathan Baker,
Masters, Accounting Program