?Weeds? can be helpful

Research has led me to the knowledge lately that plenty of plants, beautiful wild flowers, that grow naturally without the need of additional water, chemical fertilizers, poison, the burning of gas or much work at all are edible and nutritious. At the same time, a close relative that has enough problems to deal with as it is, is being threatened with fines and court dates should she not keep “weeds” under 6 inches on her whole property, even her opaquely fenced-in backyard. The way I see it, what grows there is natural xeriscaping, “green” in the environmental sense and so much less wasteful and polluting than a lawn. A weed is an unwanted plant. So if we change our mind about many of them8212;suddenly, magically8212;they are no longer weeds, but a habitat and potential food.
Daniel McGuire,