Letter from the News Editor

“Toga! Toga!”
–‘Bluto’ from “Animal House”
When I came to college two years ago, I imagined more togas and fewer tests. However, much to my surprise, I did not walk into a scene of “Animal House.”
Instead, at this point in my college career at the U, I’ve sat through 5,761 hours of lectures, written 83 essays, hit snooze on my alarm clock more times than I would like to admit, eaten my body weight in Top Ramen and somehow wound up with a negative amount of sleep.
And none of these are exaggerations. If anything, I’ve probably (and unfortunately) ingested more freeze-dried noodles.
Having grown up watching John Belushi, these are admittedly not the figures I had imagined would make up my life at the U. Then again, every college student’s experience is different. Some of us are “Bluto,” and some of us aren’t.
At The Daily Utah Chronicle, we seek to tell your unique story, whoever you choose to be — whether that’s finding your passion in the engineering program, cheering in the MUSS, volunteering at the Bennion Center, getting lost in LNCO, or just trying to survive finals week (we feel your pain).
In the news section, we’ll bring you breaking stories, both in print and online, from campus and the local Salt Lake community. In this issue alone you’ll find news on the “Utah Man” fight song, plagiarism, textbook prices and a neat professor who discovered a dinosaur (rawr!).
Hopefully, after reading this you will pick up the newspaper every day when Fall Semester starts. Sneak a copy into class, camp out in the library with a newspaper and a coffee or a much-needed energy drink, fill out the crossword puzzle instead of doing homework (you’re only legit if you use pen). Because after all of the toga parties, the Netflix marathons and the all-nighters, if there’s one thing you won’t regret in college, it’s reading The Chronicle.
Here you’ll find coverage of campus crime, politics and student life. We’ll be with you for your first Crimson Nights, when you’re pulling your hair out trying to pick a major, and all the way to your graduation day (where we won’t embarrass you like your parents will).
This year the news section is also making some major changes and renovations. Now, instead of covering stories on boring lectures, we’ll bring you more in-depth stories on topics you actually care about.
We’ve also got social media up the ying yang (you know we’re serious because we used the phrase ‘ying yang’). Check out our new ‘Social Media Roundup’ of what #UofU students are saying online through Twitter and join the conversation.
Through all the changes, in both The Chronicle news section and your life as you move through college, we hope you realize that having a daily campus newspaper is an incredible asset. Don’t overlook it.
Just picture how much better off the rapscallion students in “Animal House” would have been if they’d picked up their college paper.
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