Mexican Ambassador to Speak at the U

(Photo Courtesy of the Hinckley Institute of Politics)

(Photo Courtesy of the Hinckley Institute of Politics)

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(Photo Courtesy of the Hinckley Institute of Politics)

(Photo Courtesy of the Hinckley Institute of Politics)

The Hinckley Institute will welcome the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Alejandro Estivill Castro, to speak about the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico next Monday as a part of the 17th annual Siciliano series, “The Future of U.S.-Latin American Relations.”


Kendahl Melvin, an Institute staff member, said it took a partnership with the entire state of Utah to pull off the event.

“[It] was not only a collaboration of the members of the Hinckley Institute, but from members all over the state and the members of the Mexican consulate. We are so happy that the acting ambassador will be joining us on Monday,” Melvin said.

Estivill Castro will speak about diplomatic efforts and a brief overview of the history between the U.S. and Mexico. In addition to his experience as an official, Estivill Castro is also a novelist.

Melvin said the importance of students attending a lecture of this nature lies in the ability to engage in learning outside of the classroom environment.

“Experiences outside of the classroom can be just as useful as instruction in the classroom,” Melvin said. “The ability to meet someone from another country, especially a dignified representative, might give us more than learning strictly out of a textbook.”

Shen Jing, a graduate student in finance, said she wants to take part in meeting a world leader.

“It is an amazing opportunity to have people from around the world come to the U and talk with students in such an intimate setting,” Shen said. “How often do you get the chance to listen to an ambassador speak live?”

Estivill Castro will speak from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Hinckley Caucus Room, OSH 255.

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