Eat your way around Salt Lake City with these five diverse dining options

Mexican: Red Iguana ($$) — The winner of more awards than you can count on both hands, Red Iguana offers some of the best Mexican food in the Salt Lake Valley. With a wide range of delectable options (stretching from genuinely authentic mole to the deliciously Americanized chimichanga), Red Iguana can satisfy any Mexican food lover. Also adding to the restaurant’s incredible versatility is its bright, open atmosphere, which is perfect for a casual dining experience but also a great backdrop for a date night or special event.

American: Blue Plate Diner ($) — In an era bombarded by health superpowers like kale and quinoa, some fear that classic, all-American dining is on its way out the door, maybe forever. If the Blue Plate Diner is any indication, however, the artfully greased-up cuisine of the American diner has as much staying power as ever. Located on 2041 South and 2100 East in Salt Lake City, Blue Plate Diner offers revamped American classics for just about any diet. Be especially sure to catch them for breakfast sometime soon, as their breakfast menu is any foodie’s secret fantasy.

Italian: Vinto ($$) — What sets Vinto apart from its (admittedly tough) competition across the Salt Lake Valley is the fresh, modern atmosphere it captures while still offering genuine gourmet Italian food. The interior design alone is enough to establish Vinto’s prominence in Utah’s food scene, but even then the restaurant’s incredible selection of updated Italian salads, pizzas and pastas largely surpasses its visual beauty. For such a trendy restaurant with a fine eye for detail and quality, the most exciting part of its menu might just be its casual affordability. Vinto has the kind of reputation and quality that could wring its customers’ wallets dry, yet it proudly settles itself humbly within the mid-price range. Now that deserves some applause.

Thai: Thai Siam ($$) — A long-time local fave, Thai Siam delivers a powerful taste in small dishes. With traditional Thai cuisine, spices and coconut blend to create a well-rounded meal. Grilled meats and curries are definitely a must-try, and the sweet mango sticky rice will have you planning your next Spring Break to Thailand. At 1435 South State Street, it’s worth any drive for the food alone. Don’t forget your appetite and sense of adventure because Thai Siam will have you dreaming about Thailand’s lush landscapes the moment you walk out the door.

Greek: Aristo’s ($$) — Just a hop, skip and jump away from President’s Circle, Aristo’s caters to the exotic palate. Voted one of the top 100 Greek restaurants in the United States, Aristo’s promises a genuine Greek experience. With a menu curated to showcase authenticity and traditional Cretan cuisine, this charming restaurant transports you to the country itself — with more than just gyros. Patrons can choose from street eats, starters, entrees and more, and with good quality food at a budget-friendly pricepoint, this is definitely a trip to Greece you can afford.

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