Discount Shopping Apps To Save Students Money


By Nicole Rodriguez

You may be aware of the discounts provided by stores you regularly shop at as a student, but if you don’t know or want to find out more stores that give students discounts, here are a few apps to help you save. Choose the one that best suits you based on your wants or needs.


Rovertown is designed for the avid social media user, as one of the main three tabs at the bottom of the app displays the activity of other users. You can also follow your favorite stores within your current location at while using the app. The other main tabs include discounts for students, and a submit tab allows you to take photos of discounts that aren’t already on the app for other users to take advantage of.

The discount tab has many options so you can discover all available student discounts either from nearby, online, popular or verified stores. The app also features store’s own sales going on alongside student discounts. You may want to check if you can use both discounts before you end up shopping because there may be limitations.

What’s also very convenient about Rovertown is that not only does it feature clothing stores with discounts, but it also displays popular online stores like Amazon, auto repair shops, hotels and more that have discounts for students you may not have known about.

A bonus is that you can make a few extra dollars by referencing the app to your friends, then once you “rack up” twenty dollars, that money is sent to your Venmo app account for you to use on anything. You probably already have Venmo uploaded to your phone, if not, the app is used to pay back someone by sending money to them virtually. It is particularly useful when you don’t have cash on you or have an exact amount of cash on hand. (Though you should be cautious with Venmo, as it’s easily hackable.)

Rating: 3/5


UNiDAYS seems to be the most user-friendly app to find student discounts fast and easily all in one spot. The app does not work with every store that provides a discount for students, but it has enough options that you feel as if you wouldn’t need any other app to look for them.

The home page displays featured, trending and latest stores for you to browse through or view them all depending on what you want to look at. It also gives you the choice to find a store through the search bar provided at the top of the app. Or, click on the list icon at the top right corner to see a full list of options. You can also learn more about the app there and how you can earn rewards to turn into cash.

Redeem the discounts online or in-store (depending on what store you are looking at) by using the code the app gives you. Occasionally, your UNiDAYS ID is needed in-store at checkout, which makes things extra simple. Luckily you don’t need to print out a coupon as the app has everything you need.

Rating: 5/5

TUN (The University Network)

Signing in is easy, which makes this app stand out–you can use your Facebook or Twitter account to login within seconds or, like most other sign-in apps, enter in your email and make up a password. Once inside the app, you’ll find yourself on a google map layout that pins nearby stores that offer student discounts. Click on one to bring up the store’s information, including directions to the store as well as offered discounts and the option to save the discount into your wallet tab.

What’s nice about the TUN app is that you have a few different ways of pulling up the discounts: either by looking at the map and checking out what’s around you, or by tapping on the list icon in the upper left-hand corner, which gives you a list of all the stores nearby. Within each separate store’s description is an example of the discount, so you know exactly how much it will let you save.

The app offers a rewards system which allows you to earn points by accomplishing a set of small tasks like using the discount, checking in on one of your social media accounts, or recommending the app to others. These points are redeemable for a variety of things like free fitness classes, tickets to performances or art galleries, and more. The prizes vary depending on your location and a few other factors.

Rating: 4/5


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