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Binge Bytes: “Ear Biscuits”

Ashlyn Cary
“Cereal is no longer an unhealthy bowl of sugar and milk, but a delicious reward that I have earned by being alive.” (Design by Ashlyn Cary | Daily Utah Chronicle)

The creators of the well-known YouTube series, “Good Mythical Morning,” Rhett and Link, return to give us what they call “the roundtable of dim lighting.” This is more commonly known as their podcast, “Ear Biscuits.” The two men sit at a dimly-lit roundtable and begin what might be described as an interactive talk show where little ‘biscuits’ of conversation are shared. Each episode provides for about an hour or more of comedic and easy listening. “Ear Biscuits” hops through Link’s obsessions, questions and answers for phone-ins, Rhett’s marriage proposal, tips on how to handle a summer job or coping with losing a loved one, explorations into the famous question of whether it really is great to be an only child and so much more. Out of the 152 episodes (and counting), the listener has the chance to choose what they feel like listening to, provided that they want to giggle no matter what. Simply pick a subject and listen.

Rhett and Link approach subject matter that many people find relatable and intriguing. Many listeners love how these hosts can meet them where they are at in life and create an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere. While some topics remain rather surface level — but are engaging nonetheless — others really delve deep while keeping humor and the listener’s ability to chuckle alive. The hosts definitely understand our need to laugh at the ridiculous parts of our lives. They discuss how we label everyday items and habits as normal, and ask the question: is this really normal? Creating jokes and comic bits, these hosts never forget to find a laugh. Still, Rhett and Link discuss important material that makes you think and contemplate life. All the laughs and inevitable humor are present, but they point out how one must still find the awe and heartache of life. From there, the hosts discuss how you must also acknowledge these situations in a healthy way and how to address those things.

This podcast, as well as Rhett’s and Link’s other creations, remains easy to follow and can merely require mindless listening at times. “Ear Biscuits” has loyal listeners who call-in and message Rhett and Link regularly, giving them interesting topics and story ideas for each episode. Let’s just say you can make “Ear Biscuits” as interactive as you want. Speaking of interactive, if you have a little more free time, “Ear Biscuits” is not only a podcast, but a video series recorded and posted on Rhett’s and Link’s YouTube channel, “Good Mythical Morning.” If you would prefer to watch the show, instead of just listening in, the video version of “Ear Biscuits” assuredly adds to the humor of the stories and crazy thoughts.

During your binge of this podcast, be sure to take the time to watch some of Rhett’s and Link’s other creations. “Ear Biscuits” is simple and perfect for those times when you just want to be quiet and listen, but, if you ever crave something more, their YouTube show, “Good Mythical Morning,” will add at least add some happiness to your day. Between the two, let’s just say, life will seem a little more interesting and a lot more hilarious.

Podcast Format:

“Ear Biscuits” is not contained within seasons. It contains several episodes in no specific order. They don’t relate to one another at all, except on some occasions when Rhett and Link hold throwbacks to past episodes. However, they make sure to explain these throwbacks so there is very little chance you will get lost in listening. You can begin this engaging podcast simply by looking for a title and description that piques your interest. From there just listen and laugh along.

To Binge or Not to Binge:

If you want to laugh, do yourself a favor and binge “Ear Biscuits.” For those wanting intellectual stimulation, “Ear Biscuits” may not be for you. If you want to be taken away in a story or adventure of some sort, you should probably turn your podcast-search toward something else. This podcast contains several fun conversations between two old friends. Whether you are getting ready for your day, driving around town or doing homework, “Ear Biscuits” creates timeless laughs. While I was recently road-tripping around the Pacific Northwest, I spent the entire drive listening to Rhett’s and Link’s funny experiences, thoughts and overall hilarious conversations. I must say, it added a bit of fun to a long trip. The ability to laugh and find joy in the simple things, while still receiving a positive message about family, relationships and how to handle adulting definitely makes “Ear Biscuits” a binge-worthy podcast.

Best Episode:

To be honest, I find every episode extremely useful and hilarious. There are over 152 episodes to choose from. A more recent release, “Rhett’s Personal Obsessions” Ep.152, made me laugh the most. Yet my favorite and most applicable episode remains “Why You Procrastinate (Rabbit Hole)” Ep. 143.

Similar Shows:

“Good Mythical Morning” (YouTube), “Jenna & Julien” (Podcast), “Shane And Friends” (Podcast), “Ask Me Another” (Podcast) and “Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig” (Podcast).

Trigger Warnings:

Altogether, this series is clean. Any discussion of adult topics is very rare, and when it does occur, it comes from a very mature perspective. Humor comes from general conversation and improvisation. Periodically, guest artists or call-ins may have some crude language.

Although, the fast pace of “Ear Biscuits” is easier for adults to follow, children can enjoy many aspects of the series.


5 out of 5 stars

Where to Listen:

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Art 19 and YouTube
“Ear Biscuits”
152 Episodes  ( + a new episode every week)
1-2 hours per episode
228 hours of total binging

[email protected]


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