The Chronicle Playlist: Fall Drives


By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor


Here in Utah, we’re lucky to have one of the most beautiful autumn seasons in the entire United States. With stunning scenery changing colors and temperatures dropping, Utahns are shifting into fall mode already. Whether that’s through breaking out the other 95% of the wardrobe or getting into the spirit by eating fall goodies, updating your music library is something you should add to your list. Everyone knows that there are summer songs and that there are fall songs. Here is a playlist with the songs that I love to listen to while going on autumn drives. (Disclaimer: Some of these songs do contain explicit language).


Hozier is the physical embodiment of autumn. From his new EP, “Nina Cried Power,” this song is soft and acoustic. It’s perfectly instrumental.  

“I See Fire”
Ed Sheeran

This song became popular after its debut in the “Hobbit” movie series. Sheeran’s voice is soothing against the guitar.

Marshmello & Bastille

One of the more upbeat songs in the playlist, this collaboration between artists is strong. Bastille is often forgotten unless it’s for their popular single “Pompeii” — they also show up later on this playlist.

“Bonfire Heart”
James Blunt

An explanation for the addition of this song isn’t needed. One listen to it and you’ll understand why it’s perfect for the fall time.

Ed Sheeran

One of Sheeran’s darker storms, the guitar on this one is mesmerizing.


From her debut album, this song is one I listen to all year. It’s perfect for any casual drive.

“Eyes on Fire”
Blue Foundation

An oldie but a goodie.

“Heart Out”
The 1975

Picking songs from The 1975’s discography for this playlist was hard, but this one immediately came to my mind. Their first album is full of songs that you can listen to in the autumn.

“I’ll Be Good”
Jaymes Young

This song is also a soft one. It’s easy to listen to.


This is one of my favorite tracks from “Wild World.” The entire album is good, but this one always makes me smile. It reminds me of how we feel in the autumn — a bit sleepy and lazy.

“After the Storm”
Mumford & Sons

Listen to this song when it’s pouring rain outside, if possible. It’s very quiet, so pay attention to the lyrics.


I’m more inclined to Lorde’s first album than her second, and this song is the most played in my iTunes library.

“Sweater Weather”
The Neighbourhood

This one is a given — an older song that’s essential to fall playlists.

“Autumn Leaves”
Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar

Yes, this song has a perfectly fall-themed title, but that’s not the sole reason that it’s on the playlist. Brown’s vocals are mesmerizing. “Autumn Leaves” is a little on the upbeat side when it comes to Lamar’s verse.

“Too Much to Ask”
Niall Horan

If you haven’t listened to “Flicker,” then you’ve missed one of the greatest fall albums ever. This song is just a taste of what Horan has created on his debut solo album.

X Ambassadors

This song is a strong contrast to other work of the X Ambassadors, but the vocals are enthralling.

The Lumineers

This is one of my favorite songs by the Lumineers. The entirety of their album “Cleopatra” is worthy of its own playlist.

“Work Song”

This song is a fall must from the king of fall himself.

The 1975

The first The 1975 song I ever heard — ironically, I initially heard during autumn.

Niall Horan

The title track of Horan’s album is a must listen.

“Take Care”
Drake ft. Rihanna

Also on the more upbeat side, this album was Drake’s best in my opinion.

“Since We’re Alone”
Niall Horan

My personal favorite off of Horan’s album.

Fleetwood Mac

This song is also a throwback — it’s best when listened to in the car alone.

“All Too Well”
Taylor Swift

Swift has several fall songs, but this one is one that I always listen to.

“Gale Song”
The Lumineers

This song was in the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack.

“Falling Slowly”
Steve Kazee & Cristin Milioti

Finally, this beautiful song is from “Once,” a Broadway musical.

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