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Binge Bytes: “See Jurassic Right”

Ashlyn Cary
“Cereal is no longer an unhealthy bowl of sugar and milk, but a delicious reward that I have earned by being alive.” (Design by Ashlyn Cary | Daily Utah Chronicle)

A podcast 65 million years in the making, “See Jurassic Right,” is a captivating love story between a boy and his favorite film, “Jurassic Park.” Hosted by Steven Ray Morris of “My Favorite Murder” and “The Purrrcast,” season one of “See Jurassic Right” documents the fan build-up to “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” the newest film in the “Jurassic Park” franchise.

Through interviews, listener voicemails and Steven’s casual yet captivating storytelling and original music, “See Jurassic Right” celebrates the “Jurassic Park” franchise in all of its gloom and glory (but mostly glory). It’s a place to connect with other passionate fans of the films, reminisce about a love for the movies and a love for dinosaurs in general, and to explore where the franchise is now heading.

I personally don’t have any specific memory of my first time seeing “Jurassic Park.” My first “Jurassic Park” related memory is actually seeing the third film in theaters with my mom. However, my mom loves to tell people about how I would waddle up to the TV in diapers and try to shove our copy of “Jurassic Park” into the VCR saying “dinosaur movie, dinosaur movie!” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that “Jurassic Park” has significantly impacted my life. My love of science and science fiction was initially sparked by “Jurassic Park” and the film inspired me to pursue a career in writing. I even met my now-husband in a science fiction literature class. “Jurassic Park” is the film I put on when I have a bad day to cheer me up, or even to celebrate a particularly good day.

As someone who has loved the film since I was a baby, it’s incredibly touching to hear the accounts of others on “See Jurassic Right.” I’ve always felt like my experience with the way “Jurassic Park” has affected me was unique. The episodes are littered with recordings from fans telling their Jurassic experience, reassuring me I am not alone. Story after story relays how old people were when they saw the film for the first time, and how scared they were when Rexie first let out her iconic roar, and the tattoos that they have and the dinosaur toys that decorate their desks. More than one person recounts walking down the aisle to the “Jurassic Park” theme at their wedding. You might say love, uh, finds a way.

At the end of each episode, Steven prompts listeners to call in with answers to questions. These questions include “what’s your favorite dinosaur and why?” or “what are you looking forward to the most about ‘Fallen Kingdom’?” A little less formally, Steven tries to answer the question “Why ‘Jurassic Park’?” Throughout the first season’s 15 main episodes and various supporting episodes, Steven is able to explain why so many people are in love with the “Jurassic Park” films.

The podcast includes four different episode formats, with an episode in each format released once a month. The main episodes cover specific topics related to the “Jurassic Park” franchise. Then there are minisodes which include extra content not covered in the main episodes. As the season progresses, minisodes are about as long and sometimes even longer than the regular monthly episodes. Fan Fiction Friday episodes feature a different friend of Steven’s every month reading several chapters from the “Jurassic Park” fanfiction he wrote as a kid. Raptor Reactions are Steven’s thoughts on “Fallen Kingdom” trailers and other franchise news. These episodes are released more sporadically as important “Jurassic Park” related events occur.

Season One technically ended with “Episode 15: Back in this Rodeo.” However, Raptor Reactions are still coming out, with an episode as recent as Sept. 22. Season Two will cover the build-up to the third and final film in the Jurassic World trilogy. 

To Binge or Not to Binge:

If you are a long time fan of “Jurassic Park,” then “See Jurassic Right” is definitely worth binging. The episodes are full of interesting facts and perspectives even I hadn’t considered. Even the “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” prediction episodes are still worth a listen, despite the theatrical release having come and gone. After seeing the film, it’s fun to see what Steven did and didn’t get right.

With the first season over, I suggest listening to all of the Fan Fiction Friday episodes in a row. Waiting month to month for the next installment in Steven’s childhood fanfiction was fun, but it definitely helps keep everything straight when you listen to the whole story at once.

Regardless of your feelings towards the “Jurassic Park” franchise, I think all pop culture fans can appreciate and enjoy the stories from listeners about how this film impacted their lives. Fandoms, in general, are fascinating and “See Jurassic Right” is an incredible overview of the “Jurassic Park” fandom in particular.  

Best Episode: My favorite episode is probably “Episode One: Backbone of the Sublime.” The first episode of the season features Steven’s Jurassic story, seeing the first film in theaters at six years old. Steven also includes an overview of each film in the franchise, from release date to dinosaurs in order of appearance.

Some honorable mentions include: “Episode Four: Fables For Scientists” where Steven discusses the Michael Crichton novels the franchise is based on, “Episode Nine: My Guiding Star” which is dedicated to creativity in the fandom and “Episode Z: Just Zinj It (Congo),” a special episode about another Crichton novel turned film, “Congo.”

Similar Shows: “The Jurassic Park Podcast,” “Is It Better Than Jurassic Park?,” “The Jurassic Park Minute” and “I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast”

Where to Listen

“See Jurassic Right”
“See Jurassic Right” is an Acast podcast and available to stream wherever you get your podcasts.
10-150 minute episodes
51 episodes, approximately 45 hours

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