Good Grammar and a Stiff Drink


By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor


Tucked away in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, behind the towering Wells Fargo building, is a hidden gem. Good Grammar is at the end of Gallivan Avenue, not entirely new to the area and definitely not your typical bar. From its name (chosen from a list of over 150 options) to the eclectic atmosphere inside, it’s an experience to be there. Good Grammar not only functions as a cocktail bar during the evenings, but during the daytime, it doubles as a lunch place as well. During the weekends, the space transforms into a nightclub with the tables pushed away and DJs taking over. While Good Grammar has many public faces, the most remarkable ones are the faces of famous people that cover their walls, who just happen to be the inspiration behind their new summer cocktail menu. 

Inspiration, Icons and Innovation

Like many of the stars who make up the beautiful collage, Good Grammar owner Fallan Keyser didn’t end up where she expected to — but she proves this is not always a bad thing. A psychology alumna from the University of Utah, one conversation with Keyser can tell you how passionate she is about Good Grammar. The Wall of Idols is reminiscent of something you’d see in a diner, but with a modern spin. “Our graphic designer asked us to make a list of our heroes, people who inspire us,” Keyser said. “Sometimes when you’re behind the bar, you need inspiration, and that’s exactly what all these idols do.” Icons like Tupac, Marilyn Monroe and the cast of “Saved By the Bell” grace the walls of Good Grammar. The wall is so unique, it’s only fair to pay tribute to it with their summer menu. 

Zade Womack, a manager and beverage director at Good Grammar, set out a very clear task for the other bartenders. He gave them one spirit, one style of cocktail (there’s nine in total) and the wall of inspirational figures to create their own cocktails. “We gave the bartenders the liberty to choose someone off of the wall that they grew up listening to or watching and then create a cocktail after that person,” Keyser said. The inspiration for their new menu came from their childhood heroes, and the results were not only authentic, but paid a great homage as well. 

Summer 2019 Cocktail Menu 

Bob – The tribute drink to the father of reggae echoes him perfectly. A combination of fresh flavors like Goslings Duck Rum, Appleton Estate Rum and Beehive Spiced Orange Bitters, this is the type of cocktail you need to sip slowly to really enjoy. 

Doom – Rap artist MF Doom is known for his unique stage presence. His cocktail highlights this — a stormy mix of Benchmark bourbon, mint, pineapple and activated charcoal. It’s refreshing in an unexpected way. 

Latifah – This cocktail is as bold as the person it’s meant to emulate. Made with Beehive Barreled Aged Gin and Dented Black Vodka and topped off with an orange brulée garnish, this drink is one to be remembered. 

Color Me Kahlo – My personal favorite, this cocktail is simply beautiful. The pink color encircled by a ring of cocoa is the perfect tribute to a wonderful artist. With El Jimador Tequila, hibiscus and passion fruit, this cocktail is perfect for anyone who likes things on the sweeter side. 

Flower Power – If you’re looking to try something new, this is the cocktail for you. With grapefruit, lime and the best flavor of all, basil, this cocktail is savory and unique. 

Good Grammar’s summer cocktail menu is refreshing and hints on the best of the best summer flavors, but they also have great food. From their breakfast bowl, which is rotated to feature the best in-season flavors, to their Cuban Ruban and Turkey Swiss sliders, they have an awesome variety of food to accompany their unique drinks. A step inside Good Grammar evokes a brand new feel to what is traditionally associated with the word “bar.” It’s comfortable, calm and almost feels like home. Keyser wants this summer menu, and Good Grammar in general, to evoke these feelings. “I want everyone to feel like they’re always drinking with friends,” she said. Whether those friends are the ones on the walls or the ones behind the bar, Good Grammar is a haven which all the idols on the walls would have loved to check out.

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