Womb chairs forced to retire

N-Womb Chairs
Students walk by a room in the Marriott Library that was previously full of womb chairs. Photo by Cole Tan.

Students walk by a room in the Marriott Library that was previously full of womb chairs. Photo by Cole Tan.

The much-loved womb chairs of the Marriott Library’s third floor are missing in action.

Upon returning to campus for Spring Semester, students were alarmed to discover that all of the womb chairs surrounding the library’s east entrance had disappeared. Ian Godfrey, manager of the library’s facility, trades and materials department, said the disappearance has to do with the previous bedbug infestation.

“The primary reason that they were sold is that every semester we try and make sure we have the right mixture of seating,” Godfrey said. “And during the fall of 2013, we noticed that there were a lot of people sitting on the floor searching for power outlets.”

The new arrangements, which feature more tables and easier access to outlets, were made because the library staff believes it is a better study setup for students. As far as the bedbugs go, Godfrey said there is no denying they were involved in the chairs’ removal.

“We did have the problem with bedbugs, which was on the third floor where those chairs were, so we figured it was the perfect time to upgrade,” Godfrey said.
Students, however, are not as keen on the new arrangements. Juno Kim, an undeclared freshman, wishes the chairs were still around.

“The chairs provide a sense of home to those who does not have access to one during the day,” Kim said, referring to the common practice of students napping in the chairs during schedule breaks. “I love those things. [They’re] comfortable!”

Nick Nikols, a sophomore in business, hadn’t noticed the chairs were gone.

“I think it could decrease traffic in the library and maybe promote more studying rather than sleep,” he said. “But I also think it could make the library less comfortable and inviting for students.”

Although the womb chairs are gone from the third floor, there are still womb chairs surrounding the computer lab on the second floor. And according to Godfrey, only about one-third of the library’s chairs were sold before Spring Semester.

Students like Juno Kim, however, will miss the chairs either way.

“Give them to me,” Kim said. “I’ll take some!”


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