ASUU health program #Healthy4Dayz kicks off

N-ASUU Health Fair
Students check their eyes yesterday afternoon at the ASUU Health Program Fair in the Union Ballroom. Photo by Dane Goodwin.

Students check their eyes yesterday afternoon at the ASUU Health Program Fair in the Union Ballroom. Photo by Dane Goodwin.

ASUU is on a crusade to improve student wellness with a campaign called #Healthy4dayz.
The campaign kicked off with a wellness fair in the Union Ballroom on Tuesday.

Students who attended got information on a variety of topics, ranging from healthy eating to stress management.

Michael Chen, a medical student and director of the Student Services board, said wellness affects all students.

“Whether it is eating healthy and working out, as is often thought about when thinking about wellness, or keeping a balanced budget, making time for spirituality or being mindful of your emotional wellbeing, taking the time to improve your wellness improves all aspects of your life,” Chen said.

The wellness fair was the kickoff to a semester-long event Chen hopes will extend into next year as well. ASUU will be hosting a series of events over the coming months and hosting a photo competition centered around wellness topics on Instagram and Facebook.
Directors chose the name for the program because it “just seemed catchy,” and they wanted to encourage students to mention it on social media sites.

For the next few weeks, #Healthy4dayz will focus on spiritual and physical wellness, centering on a “speed faithing” event on Jan. 28 aimed at helping students understand a variety of faiths. At the beginning of February, ASUU will host several fitness classes, including free yoga classes, free cycling classes, a GoLite backpacking seminar, a Zumba class and a nutrition bootcamp. They will also focus on being socially healthy, shining a light on gossip, school interactions and relationships.

Chen said students who think wellness is important will find time for it, even in the most hectic schedules.

“All domains of wellness … are important for students to be as successful as they can be,” he said.

Several lucky students left Tuesday’s event with Alta day passes. Others left with a stash of information about wellness resources offered across campus.

For many students who said they have been trying to lose weight, the event came at just the right time.

Tablers at the event stressed that taking the time to be well can help students through their daily workload. Fitness-conscious students who attended the event to find out how to maximize their efforts agreed.

Rosa Parra, a freshman in political science and economics, said finding time to work out has helped her through some of the roughest patches of the school year.

“Every time I’ve had a bad grade on a test … I just go to the gym,” she said.
Quynh Quath, a sophomore in health promotion and education, is involved with the student health advisory committee, which will be holding a series of workshops this week on time management, note-taking skills and stress management.

“Being a student is really stressful,” Quath said.

She added that the average student’s lot is especially stressful because they have to juggle work, school and figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their life.
The committee will be hosting a stress management workshop on Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Union Theater.

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