Things to Do: Marriott Library Exhibits


By Klubbit (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Klubbit (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There’s always something to learn around the University of Utah. To keep things fresh, the Marriott Library is always switching its displayed exhibits, to make learning easy as well as fun. These exhibits are featured on the library’s many floors, sometimes with a few going on at once. Currently, there are two such exhibits on display in addition to the Globalocation Display up until March 3.

The Preservation Exhibit, located solely on the library’s Level 4, provides an overview of the tools and strategies used to keep historical objects just as fresh as the Marriott Library’s exhibit habits. These strategies include work done on the objects themselves, as well as efforts made to preserve such objects against threats of natural or manmade disasters.

Objects included under this umbrella are books, documents and photographs. This exhibit will be up until Friday, March 10.

In remembrance of the senior class gift of 1966, the Marriott Library is also featuring a collection surrounding “Young Lincoln,” the statue donated as part of that gift. Located on the library’s Level 1, the collection marks a recent acquirement, a donation from Eugene Fairbanks, the son of Avard Fairbanks, creator of the original statue. The collection includes manuscripts and photo collections from Avard’s work, as well as scrapbooks, memorabilia and research telling the story of this famous sculpture.

Titled “The Search for Lincoln; Avard Fairbanks & the Work of a Lifetime,” the collection will be on display until May 5.

Both exhibits are viewable during library hours.

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