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The University of Utah was recently ranked No. 6 in affordability for online Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs by Best Colleges Online. The website considered 255 programs at accredited colleges and universities when compiling the list.

The online degree program, ranked No. 42 all-around by U.S. News, was launched just over three years ago on Jan. 15, 2014. This degree format is intended to allow students to pursue their studies in a more convenient and interactive format. The U’s goal was to keep the high standards of the on-campus MBA program while making it a more accessible option for students. The program demands the same level of work and aims to provide the same quality of instruction as the U’s other business school programs. It is expected to attract non-traditional students, like those returning to school to further their education after many years, parents and those who already work full-time and don’t want to abandon their careers.

“Our part-time MBA programs have consistently ranked in the top 40 in the entire U.S.,” said U President David Pershing in a press release about the program’s creation in 2014. “The MBA online program will provide students who can’t attend traditional on-campus courses the opportunity to earn a degree from our prestigious business school off campus.”

The U structures its online MBA classes with the aim of making it possible for students to manage their work and personal schedules without compromising their education. The program’s quality and affordability make it the ideal MBA program for busy students.

Best Colleges Online said that when ranking, factors like “accreditation, tuition and other rankings and recognition” were taken into account. The U fell behind the University of Nevada, Arkansas State University, Kennesaw State University, the University of North Texas and Georgia College and State University.

The tuition and fees for the program are approximately $7,527 per semester, which rounds out to about $1,200 per credit. Students can take courses in five or 10 week blocks with live webinars, video discussions and on-demand learning. With numerous electives, enrolled students can customize their degree by tailoring their elective classes to suit their interests. Admission to the program is competitive. Applicants are judged on their academic history, their earned bachelor’s degree and GMAT test scores. According to U.S. News, the average GMAT score of the program’s accepted students is 573, while the average undergraduate GPA is 3.4. The acceptance rate for the program is approximately 68 percent, and there are currently 88 students enrolled.

The program is open to those ready to apply for an MBA and applications are available on the U’s website. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. Undergraduates are encouraged to start looking into graduate school options sooner rather than later.

“I will definitely be applying to the U of U online MBA program,” said Lydia Monkmeyer, a current undergraduate student and a prospective MBA student. “I’ve got a tough schedule to work around, so the flexibility is great. The fact that it’s so affordable makes it all the better.”




  1. Hello,

    The information that was posted on Best Colleges Online (which seems like a very not-credible sight) is actually wrong in regards to the MBA Online Program here at the U and in regards to most of the colleges on that list. I work for the MBA Online Program here, and our tuition is $1225 per credit hour or $48,800 for the entire program of 48 credits. I don’t know where Best Colleges Online got their information from since they never reached out directly to our program, but I did want to let you know that it’s a bit misleading on their website. The $7,257 number which they quote is something that we have no idea where they got. That is not the cost per semester (as the cost per semester depends on how many credits are taken, which can vary from 5-10.5), it’s not the cost per credit hour, or the cost for the total program.

    While we appreciate the publicity we don’t want people getting the wrong idea about the cost of our program. We reached out to the website, but they have not yet issued a correction.


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