Getting Fit for Class Credit


(Photo by Preston Zubal)

(Photo by Preston Zubal)
(Photo by Preston Zubal)

From scuba and tai chi to fencing and yoga, students at the U can get class credit for getting fit.
The U offers more than 200 sections of fitness classes, both on campus and off. The Department of Exercise and Sport Science has most of these classes set up in half semesters so students can enroll in a class the first part of the semester and a choose a different one for the second half.
Kimberly Miller, a sophomore taking exercise and sports science classes, said she enjoys playing volleyball.
“It’s something I’m passionate about, and it motivates me for the rest of the week,” she said.
Andrea Moss, program assistant for the Exercise and Sport Science Department, thinks students who take a fitness class will do better overall in school.
“Working out absolutely helps with grades by refreshing students’ minds and allowing time to refocus,” Moss said.
She said physical activity increases blood and oxygen flow, making it easier for students to memorize information, focus on tests and assignments and zero in on reading material.
Moss said making time for a workout isn’t always easy, but she offered a solution.
“Go to a yoga class or a swimming class on a lunch break. It takes time out of your day, but you will be so recharged you’ll get more done throughout the day,” she said.
Zumba and Crossfit are the most popular exercise classes that U students enroll in, with each class at almost full capacity. For those looking for smaller class sizes, students can get credit for Pilates and dance, with the smallest class size of six students.
The U’s fitness classes are open to the public. Parents and members of the community can enroll online during enrollment periods for noncredit classes, joining students for a workout. Miller said this is a good way to meet new friends with similar interests.
“You meet so many new people that have the same goal as you: to just have fun and get a work out in for the day,” she said.
The classes are offered in both credit and non-credit options. Students are allowed to take the same class for up to six semesters in a row for credit. Miller has used exercise classes to fulfill some hours toward her degree both for-credit and non-credit.
“I’m able to go to my fitness classes when I can without feeling overwhelmed with attending another class,” she said.
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