ASUU’s Drop-In Tutoring Center Offers Free Help


(Photo by Cole Tan)

(Photo by Cole Tan)
(Photo by Cole Tan)

ASUU is offering free tutoring in the library this semester.
The ASUU Drop-in Tutoring Center began Monday Oct. 6 and will run through the spring semester. The center is located in the library’s Knowledge Commons in room 2130-N and will run from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Sundays through Thursdays.
The idea for the center began in early 2014 when Student Body President Justin Spangler and the Vision Party were running for election. Spangler and the party received feedback from students that a free tutoring services was needed on campus. At the beginning of the school year Spangler made it one of his priorities and the program was able to receive funding for the U.
Egan Anderson, a junior in computer science and Director of the Student Services Board said the program is a like a pilot program for a possible long-running services the U will offer. “It only has the funds to run for two semesters. Based on the success and the interests we might be able to potentially expand it.”
The Drop-in Tutoring Center is funded through ASUU’s general reserve. The program is a free extension of the ASUU Tutoring Center, which is $7 for an individual per hour and $4 for groups per hour.
Maddie Walters, a sophomore in political science and sociology said she has used ASUU’s tutoring before and she is excited for the new free program. “It’s hard being a college student already and tuition is expensive, living on campus is expensive, it’s great they’re offering free services and it’s something I definitely will utilize in the future now that I know it’s available.”
The ASUU tutoring center, located in the Student Services building, is primarily a refer service where ASUU provides the information of qualified tutors to students who can then schedule a personal appointment on their own time. ASUU will be continuing in addition to the drop-in service.
Leslie Giles-Smith, the Tutoring Services Program Manager said, “Some students need an hour long session, they need that tutor’s undivided attention, but for other students who are maybe just working on their homework and have a question or they don’t need a full hour, a drop-in setting tends to be more effective.”
The center’s tutors are required to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and they also looking to enter interpersonal and communication fields. The Tutoring Services then requires they go through a training program where they learn to refine their skills. The tutors also have access to the Learning Enhancement Program for support if they run into a case they aren’t equipped to handle. The center’s tutors are focused on providing tutoring opportunities primarily to undergrads and focus especially on helping students who are struggling in lower division courses.
“Math is where I struggle and it really helps to have a peer advise you versus a professor because they’re more approachable,” Walters said.
The center offers daily tutoring sessions in math with a secondary tutor there that will generally be able to tutor in one of the sciences. Writing tutoring will be offered on Thursdays and additional subjects may occasionally be available depending on tutor availability.
The center encourage students to call ASUU Tutoring center at 801-581-5153 for more information about the tutors and subject available for tutoring.
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