Students Complain About Living Conditions on Campus


Karina Puikkonen

(Daily Utah Chronicle File Photo)


(Daily Utah Chronicle File Photo)
(Daily Utah Chronicle File Photo)

For some students, the U’s dorms are not exactly home sweet home.

Many of those who live on campus say certain aspects of the experience are the worst part of the U. Amber Coburn, a senior in human development and family studies, is one of those students. Coburn said wifi, in particular, is often an issue on upper campus.


“Our Internet connection is terrible,” she said. “It takes forever to load, and it always will freeze up at a bad time. Doing homework at the dorms is a gamble sometimes.”

Coburn also said the meal plans Housing and Residential Education offers for students living in the dorms aren’t always the most convenient.

“Last year I had a meal plan that would allow me to transfer meals to the Union,” she said, “but they cut that, so now I need to either plan to take the shuttle back up to the dorms … or I need to pack a lunch.”

But for Adam Ekstrom, a junior in biomedical engineering, the worst part of housing is the money.

“There are a lot of fees affiliated with living on campus that you don’t realize when you first move in,” he said.

Ekstrom said he also waited a few weeks for the dorm mailboxes to be ready.

“That was hugely inconveniencing,” he said. “It seems like the housing department says they’ll do something, and then they will take weeks to follow through.”

Living on upper campus and having classes on lower campus makes transportation a problem for Ekstrom as well. He rides his bike down in the morning but prefers to take the shuttle up to the dorms at night. Taking a bike on the bus is sometimes an issue.

“I’ve been suggesting to ASUU that on all shuttles there should be bike racks mounted on the outside of them like the way city buses have,” he said. “Some shuttle drivers will be casual and let you take your bike onto the shuttle with you, but it is still an annoyance for others on the shuttle, the person with the bike and the driver. And then other shuttle drivers simply won’t let you have it on.”

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