Suspect Identified in Multiple Subaru Thefts on Campus


Alexis Ault was verbally assaulted while parking her car at the U.

By Katie Buda

Police are investigating several auto thefts and burglary cases involving Subarus made in the late 90s.

Suspect Erick Bryan Curtis has been identified to be involved in the auto thefts, which occurred on campus and in surrounding areas.

15219399_1022538774539815_4415894644201352484_nCurtis currently has outstanding warrants involving these cases and those similar.

The suspect is 34 years old, weighs 163 pounds and is 5’9 with blue eyes and brown hair.

A warning has been issued to students and residents to take precautions in securing vehicles and belongings.

The university police are asking students to report any suspicious activity by calling: 801 585 2677.

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