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A friend in need: when to dump the chumps, when to keep ’em

January 12, 2005

Dear Danni,With the holiday passing, I decided to make a New Year's resolution that's already been bustin' my chops. I decided to quit partying and finally get serious about school. The hard part is all...

Curtain call

By By Sarah Janel Jackson November 23, 2004

By Sarah Janel JacksonEncoreEminemAftermath RecordsTwo and a half out of five starsSarah Janel JacksonStaff WriterA follow-up to 2002's Grammywinner The Eminem Show and thefirst album released since Eminemclinched...

The Chronicle’s View: Young using productive tactics with Legislature

November 23, 2004

A lthough the newcommittees haven'tformed yet, U PresidentMichael Young has beenworking diligently to get toknow state legislators. Whenthe roster for the highereducation appropriationssubcommittee is...

The Chronicle’s View: Kerry is the best choice for Utah Democrats

February 24, 2004

Today marks the Democratic primary vote here in Utah, and with it, one of the only opportunities for underrepresented liberals in the state to make an impact on executive politics.While Utah's Electoral...

No good can come from firearms bill

By By Nick Macey February 20, 2004

By Nick MaceyThe state Legislature is obsessed with guns-big guns, little guns, guns on university campuses, guns in private cars, guns in the home, even guns in elementary schools. This issue seems to...

Family Practice: Being Mom & Med Student at the U

By and September 23, 2002

\Soleil, Indigo and Uinta Cook regularly enjoy the outings most girls do: piano and dance lessons, camping trips and local festivals. But one outing was particularly enjoyable for them?watching their mother...

Letter to the Editor: No Single Lesson of Sept. 11

By By Jeff Hullinger and By Jeff Hullinger September 20, 2002

By Jeff HullingerEditor:In his Sept. 16 letter to the editor, "Attackers Are Not the Heroes", Jonathan Richardson apparently wants to place limits on our ability to "learn lessons" about Sept. 11, and...

Letter to the Editor: Redfest Misses the Point

By By Steve Davis and By Steve Davis September 20, 2002

By Steve DavisEditor:I pride myself on being one of the smartest guys on campus. However, it does not take brilliance to see that this year's Redfest activities are going down the toilet. In fact, they...

Winning Lottery Number Is 9-1-1

By and September 13, 2002

ALBANY, N.Y.?Officials say it was just a coincidence, but many people found it chilling and maybe suspicious, too: On the anniversary of Sept. 11, the winning numbers in the New York lottery were 9-1-1....

Quote of the Day

By , , and October 31, 2001

"All that left over Halloween candy could have easily contributed to my chunky adolescent years."#post_author_author, .post_author_avatar, .post_author_box{ display: none; }