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No ordinary frosh

By By Tony Pizza, Sports Editor October 30, 2008

By Tony Pizza, Sports EditorWhen the 2008 football season started, defensive coordinator Gary Andersen hoped that he'd eventually have four starting defensive tackles to choose from. Two weeks into the...

Utah should lead U.S. and provide free Wi-Fi

By By Aaron Shaddy October 30, 2008

By Aaron ShaddyThe United States, compared to much of the developed world, is far behind in Internet infrastructure. When we look at the progress being made with the Internet in Japan, it becomes clear...

Card can hold medical results

By By Lana Groves, Asst. News Editor October 30, 2008

By Lana Groves, Asst. News EditorHospital patients could one day swipe a card to learn the results of their blood and urine tests almost as quickly as swiping a credit card in the grocery store.U researchers...

Hinckley Institute forum analyzes candidates

By By Rita Totten, Staff Writer October 30, 2008

By Rita Totten, Staff WriterHinckley Institute of Politics director Kirk Jowers said Thursday that Democratic candidate Barack Obama will likely win the presidency because of his unprecedented ability...

Language requirement inadequate

By By Jeffrey Jenkins September 30, 2008

By Jeffrey JenkinsIn a global and increasingly outsourced economy, the ability to speak a foreign language fluently has proved to be an invaluable asset to many in the professional and nonprofit industries....

Buddies gather to raise awareness about the disabled

By By Edgar Zuniga Jr. November 6, 2007

By Edgar Zuniga Jr.More than 150 people gathered Thursday night to spread awareness and raise funds for Best Buddies, a nonprofit organization that fosters friendship between people with intellectual disabilities...

Bush is wasting time, not Congress

By By Luke Hinz November 1, 2007

By Luke HinzPresident Bush lashed out at Democrats on Tuesday, saying that Congress is wasting time and "not getting its work done" by failing to agree on domestic spending.Bush reiterated his hope that...

Boras has ruined A-Rod

By By Chris Kamrani October 31, 2007

By Chris KamraniIt's official. Alex Rodriguez has really crossed over to the dark side.But instead of George Steinbrenner and his Sith compatriots controlling, A-Rod is a bit of something else. The poison...

Red Herring: HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, Dave Grohl says

By By Orion Archibald October 18, 2007

By Orion ArchibaldEditor's Note: This article, "HIV doesn't cause AIDS," listed as "The Red Herring" in Oct. 18's Redux section, is satire. The information included in this article does not purport to...

Activists talk about gay marriage ban

By By Clayton Norlen October 16, 2007

By Clayton NorlenThe passage of Amendment Three to the Utah Constitution, which outlawed same sex marriage, was largely debated at the time as an amendment that would protect traditional nuclear families.When...