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Letter: Hiding in glass closets

November 5, 2007

Editor:Another Republican moron has come out of his glass closet after a career in politics spent talking about family values and voting against bills that granted civil rights protection to gay couples. Way to go, Rep. Curtis! Denial is not a river in Africa, you hypocrite! No wonder the Northwest ...

Home sweet home

By By Jade Gray

November 8, 2006

By Jade GrayWith possible tuition increases on the horizon, students are looking to decrease their costs as much as possible, especially those who are paying non-resident tuition. However, the U is attempting to make that a little easier by providing students with the option of...

Don’t rest in peace

By By Ana Breton

November 8, 2006

By Ana BretonMy Chemical RomanceThe Black ParadeReprise RecordsFour out of five starsLooking back, I can pinpoint some of the memorable moments during the dozen or so parades I attended as a child.I remember the amateur marching bands, the flag corps (or the color guard, whichever you prefer) and the ...

Cartoon: Mayfield

November 7, 2006

Thomas MayfieldThomas Mayfield#post_author_author, .post_author_avatar, .post_author_box{ display: none; }...

Karma sucks

By By Jesse Peterson

November 3, 2006

By Jesse PetersonBoyskoutAnother LifeThree Ring RecordsThree and a half out of fiveWho likes girl bands? Who likes girl bands whose members make out with each other in their first "mainstream" music video? Who likes girl bands that offer more than just cheap thrills (such as making out with each other)? Wh...


November 3, 2006

Nov. 3 Lloyd Banks w/Rotten Apple Rap concert$25 Harry Os (427 Main Street, Park City)The Secret Handshake Indie concert$7 7:30 p.m. Kilby Court (741 S. Kilby Court) Demolition Derby Dance performance$15 7:30 p.m. Leona Wagner Black Box (138 W. Broadway) Art With Heart Dance performance/fund-raiser$...

Who you gonna call?

By By Ana Breton

October 25, 2006

By Ana BretonIt happened around this time last year.For several hours, Mike Christensen had been walking through the Salt Lake City Cemetery, but because it was getting dark, he started to head home.Opting for safety, the junior economics major followed the light posts leading the way out of the ceme...

ASUU to slash KUTE funding?

October 25, 2006

Student government leaders are pushing to cut funding to KUTE, the U's student-run radio station, for the remainder of the current school year.A joint bill was proposed last week in a committee of the Student Assembly to suspend KUTE's funding until June 2007. The bill was withdrawn amid concerns tha...

U student robbed walking home from TRAX

February 21, 2006

A gang of males attacked and robbed Philip Gundersen, sophomore communication major, as he was walking from the Delta Center TRAX station to his home in the Gateway Apartments Sunday evening, according to Salt Lake City Police.Gundersen said that the attackers-a group of eight to nine males-took his ce...

The long road back

February 7, 2006

The surgery went perfectly, the rehabilitation is going according to plan, and the target date for a return to the field is set for the end of April. Still, Brian Johnson isn't accustomed to this. The Ute quarterback, who tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in a loss to New Mexico la...