The Daily Utah Chronicle

Elected officials wet their feet

March 26, 2004

While the majority of students breathe a sigh of relief as this Spring Semester comes to a close, the newly elected student government officials are inhaling deeply as they prepare for the dive into U politics.The immediate tasks at hand for novices Alex Lowe, president-elect, Bobby Harrington, vice ...

Gender and Entrepreneurs

October 21, 2002

Editor:Once again, the School of Business has advertised its annual Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, and once again, I am disturbed by the wording of the contest. But this time, I am writing to call attention to it.Language is a powerful medium, not least because it encodes the values and beliefs of the cultur...

War with Iraq

By By [email protected] and By [email protected]

September 30, 2002

By [email protected]: In light of U.S. foreign policy double-standardness, our notoriously arrogant claim to immunity regarding international law, and our wholly unwelcomed involvement and presence in the Middle East, anti-American sentiment is more pervasive than ever. Accordingly, many Am...

Women Injures Staff Member at the U’s Neuropsych Institute

October 22, 2001

Violent episode?A woman was admitted to the U Neuropsychiatric Institute. Her behavior immediately aroused suspicions in the staff members, who wanted to search her and find out if she had drugs with her. The woman responded by drawing a hunting knife and putting it to her throat. Staff members struggle...

International Panel Shares Experiences

October 22, 2001

Chinese students read about Utah?s plague of crickets and the seagulls that consumed them from a textbook. A South African man headed to the University of Utah got jokes about returning with wives. And when Salman Gharaibeh, a Jordanian, mentioned he was going to Utah, the response he heard was disco...

Boy Accidentally Kills Brother

October 21, 2001

SALT LAKE CITY?A 7-year old boy found some ammunition for his father?s high-powered rifle Friday and accidentally fired at his younger brother, killing him. The 6-year-old died within an hour at the Tooele Valley Regional Medical Center. ?It was just a tragic accident,? Tooele Police Lt. Craig Wexel...

The Great Unknown: Agnostics Leave Questions Unanswered

By By Jennifer Mitchell

October 19, 2001

By Jennifer MitchellPassers-by jolt their heads in Pax Rasmussen?s direction every time he speaks the word "agnosticism.?Some of them even walk up to join the conversation?puzzled about what he doesn?t see in organized religion. Some are just interested in what an agnostic has to say.Agnostics, perhap...

Dinosaur Guru Speaks Tonight

October 18, 2001

Dinosaurs are evolving?in our minds at least. Earlier in the 20th century, people thought of dinosaurs as slow and sluggish. Since then, they have not only become active, but ?supercharged,? according to Scott Sampson, a University of Utah assistant professor of geology and geophysics.Sampson, also ...


February 14, 2001

Feb. 14The Mortar Board Honor Society will collect new and used children?s books all week from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the A. Ray Olpin University Union Building basement. Prizes, including a tuition credit, will be awarded to the largest donations.?A View From Washington,? an address by Georgie An...