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Defense of judge rejection not factual

December 8, 2008

Editor:I am responding to Steven Warrick's opinion piece ("Hilder rejection justified," Dec. 3). As the judge who was not confirmed to the appellate bench, I am not writing to argue the merits of the Senate...

Forum: Racism still prevalent

By By Allison Johnson, Staff Writer December 8, 2008

By Allison Johnson, Staff WriterDebra Daniels remembers the pain she felt hearing racial slurs while going to elementary school in Ogden as one of the few black students in the 1960s."One of the biggest...

Cling to green habits despite low gas costs

By By Logan Campbell December 5, 2008

By Logan CampbellAt the most recent peak of the gas price roller coaster, I realized something good was coming from the hard times at the gas pump. Instead of driving everywhere, selfishly polluting despite...

Carlston was wrong about World Cafe

December 5, 2008

Editor:Having read Liz Carlston's column ("Altruistic restaurant bashed unfairly," Dec. 4) on the One World Cafe, I feel some mixed feelings. As a former employee, one who walked out in protest of unjust...

Twas a Black Friday indeed

By By Tony Pizza December 5, 2008

By Tony PizzaThis is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, or at least that's what Andy Williams' Christmas song says. For some people, that just isn't the case.Although a study published...

Economy dependent on higher education

December 5, 2008

Still reeling from a 4 percent budget cut in October, the U is facing two additional 5 percent cuts in the near future, for a total of 14 percent.The looming reductions are part of the state's efforts...

Altruistic restaurant bashed unfairly

By By Liz Carlston December 4, 2008

By Liz CarlstonInexperience and not implementing proven business practices seems to be the main problem for the non-profit One World Cafe at 41 S. 300 East. The restaurant touts no menus and encourages...

Greek houses should be dry

By By Alicia Williams December 4, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsIn this age of advanced technology and enlightenment, it's sad to hear of a senseless, preventable death. A Utah State University freshman, 18-year-old Michael Stark, died of alcohol...

TRAX good for economy, social life

By By Brian Trick December 4, 2008

By Brian TrickThere's a whole other world out there, and it rides TRAX.One could dedicate an entire article to the economical, financial and environmental benefits of riding TRAX, but that has been done...

Pro-alcohol views don’t belong in college papers

December 4, 2008

Editor:I usually enjoy reading the articles from The Chronicle, however, my opinion has quickly changed due to the allowance of Brian Trick's column ("Drinking at U games not a serious problem," Dec. 2)...