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Kayleigh Silverstein
Kayleigh Silverstein is a news writer. Silverstein is from New Jersey, but loves the new home she's found in Utah. She is a double major in Psychology and Spanish, and thinking about a minor in Linguistics.

She has a passion for diversity, and is thinking of becoming an Immigration Lawyer, but nothing is definite. Silverstein prefers to be outdoors whenever possible, backpacking, hiking, camping, and skiing. She also loves to play volleyball, read, write, bake, cook, and do art. Outside of studying and working for the Chronicle, Silverstein is an officer in the Refugees in Action club, and volunteers with ESL classes to either teach English or help people study for their citizenship exams.

Kayleigh Silverstein, News Writer

Oct 19, 2020
Sigma Chi Fraternity Accused of Vandalism and Destructive Behavior at the Hogle Zoo Following Date Night (Story)
Oct 13, 2020
Title IX: The Changes and the Culture (Story)
Oct 08, 2020
SDS Holds Protest as 2020 VP Debate Occurs at the U (Story)
Sep 28, 2020
The Vice Presidential Debate: The Golden Tickets (Story)
Sep 25, 2020
U Administration Prepares for 2020 VP Debate (Story)
Sep 07, 2020
Isolation Rooms and Meal Delivery: What U Should Know (Story)
Aug 28, 2020
HRE Issues Statement after Student Leaders Ask for an Official Response to Their Concerns (Story)
Aug 24, 2020
#GiveUsEmpathy: Student Leaders at the U Speak Out About HRE Concerns (Story)
Aug 14, 2020
Voting in 2020, An Unprecedented Election Year (Story)
Aug 06, 2020
University of Utah Police Department Releases Investigation Report on the Former Officer Miguel Deras, Unsafe U Shows Up to Protest (Story)
Jul 09, 2020
International Students Face Uncertain Future as the Pandemic Surges, U Hopes to Address Individual Situations (Story)
Jul 01, 2020
UnsafeU Changes Demands, Calls for Defunding and Dissolving UUPD in Wake of Current Protests (Story)
Jun 27, 2020
ASUU Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis at the U, Sets Precedent for the State (Story)
Jun 14, 2020
Students Heading into Healthcare Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic (Story)
Jun 02, 2020
University of Utah Officials Release ‘Return to Campus’ Plan for Fall Semester (Story)
Jun 02, 2020
U Student Life Center Offers Online Fitness (Story)
May 22, 2020
Utah Tribal Town Hall Emphasizes Needs of the Navajo Nation During the Pandemic (Story)
May 20, 2020
The U Hosts Online Research Symposium (Story)
May 11, 2020
Amidst a Pandemic, the NHMU Goes Virtual (Story)
Apr 18, 2020
Pandemic Pandemonium: Student Leaders at the U Lose Housing Contracts, Fight for Compensation, and then Lose It (Story)
Apr 15, 2020
A. Ray Olpin Union Closes Until End of April Due to COVID-19 (Story)
Apr 15, 2020
Zoomin’ into Online Classes: How U Professors Are Handling the Transition (Story)
Apr 07, 2020
Failures in Iowa Caucus Spread “Fake News” and Misinformation (Story)
Apr 07, 2020
UAC Deals With COVID-19 (Story)
Apr 06, 2020
Feeding Utah During a Pandemic (Story)
Mar 20, 2020
U Alum on Creating an English School in China (Story)
Mar 18, 2020
Haste Makes Waste: Plans to Reduce Food Waste at the U (Story)
Feb 26, 2020
American Indian Mascots Continue to be Called into Question (Story)
Feb 19, 2020
Old Bones, New Discoveries at the Natural History Museum of Utah (Story)
Feb 08, 2020
The Pull of the U’s Asia Campus (Story)
Jan 22, 2020
Gov. Herbert Emphasizes Education in $20 Billion Budget Proposal (Story)